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  1. Erica Lindbeck confirmed she is not in the game: https://twitter.com/ericalindbeck/status/1152270237347090432
  2. In a reply to a tweet from Faye Mata (Petra's VA), Kayli Mills seems to imply that she was at the wrap party for the game. With this on top of Kayli liking other FE3H VA reveals, there's a lot of evidence that she was at least somehow involved with the project. Faye's tweet: https://twitter.com/FayeMata/status/1152281620033892352 Kayli's reply: https://twitter.com/KayliMills/status/1152289316741107712 On an unrelated note, if you dig around in the thread, there's a lot of fun banter between VAs and sound engineers in the replies. I recommend reading a few.
  3. Official confirmation from Ratana.
  4. (Edit: Apologies for double post, meant to put both announcements together)
  5. Lucien Dodge changed his twitter profile picture to Felix: https://twitter.com/LucienDodge
  6. Is the unlock tile for the door set on "Door" terrain initially? In the 0.9.0 update, I believe skeleton keys, by default, only work on unlock tiles with "Door" or "Chest" terrain. So if you try to unlock a tile with "Wall" or some other type of terrain, there won't be an "Unlock" option to choose. If your unlock tile can't be on door terrain for whatever reason, you can allow Skeleton Keys to open that terrain. Open the items.xml file and find the entry for the Skeleton Key. There should be a <key> component that lists "Chest" and "Door". This is the list of terrain the key can open. Add the terrain you need to the list and you're all set. If your unlock tile is set on door terrain and you still have this problem, I'm out of ideas. Hopefully that helps!
  7. 1.) The Lex Talionis engine, by default, does not allow doubling on enemy phase. This was done for game balance reasons in the The Lion Throne. You can easily turn doubling on enemy phase on by opening the constants.ini file in the data folder for your game and setting the constant "def_double" equal to 1 instead of 0. 2.) Similar to 1, the engine by default uses a different equation for calculating a mounted unit's aid than classic Fire Emblem. To change this, open the equations.txt file in your data folder and find the equation for '"RESCUE_AID." By default, it's this: RESCUE_AID = max(0, 15 - CON) if 'Mounted' in unit.tags else max(0, CON - 1) Change the 15 to a 25 to emulate GBA Fire Emblem: RESCUE_AID = max(0, 25 - CON) if 'Mounted' in unit.tags else max(0, CON - 1) Hopefully that helps!
  8. For battle music, there's a new button in the most recent version of the level editor labeled "Phase Music" just above the weather options. Click on that and a window will pop up where you can choose player phase and enemy phase battle music, in addition to the standard map music. Not sure about boss crit kills. You can have different dialogue in villages by adding something like this to the villageScript: if;self.unit.name == 'Character X' [Unique dialogue for [character X] elif;self.unit.name == 'Character Y' [Unique dialogue for [character Y] else; [Generic dialogue that every other unit will use] end Not sure if there's a better way, but that's how I handle it, and it works well. the "self.unit.name" refers to the name of the unit visiting the village.
  9. If you're willing to support your Robin with Panne or Yarne, take Taguel Morgan. If you already have a support partner picked out, take Swordmaster Olivia.
  10. I've been having a blast using the engine for my personal project; it's extremely intuitive and robust! When making my own levels, I've encountered an issue with pick units and forced deployment: I really can't thank you enough for developing this engine, it's been a dream come true! I can't wait to see where it goes with further development.
  11. New Songs! - Uneasy Victory - A track for story moments. It would play in situations where a battle is won, but the are more, larger battles to come. Instruments: basses, cellos, violas, violin, choir, flute, trombone, tubular bells, basic orchestral percussion. - A Time Forgotten - Another track for story moments. It would play when my characters are discussing ancient history and/or the deities of my world. Instruments: grand piano, choir, bass, cello, viola, violin, harp, basic orchestral percussion. - Under Her Watchful Eye - A map theme. It would play on maps taking place on holy or blessed grounds. It integrates a lot of melodies from "A Time Forgotten", to give the religions of my world a common theme. This one was inspired by FE9's soundtrack. Instruments: basses, cellos, violas, violin, choir, clarinet, french horns, tubular bells, harp, hand bells, grand piano, basic orchestral percussion. Thanks for listening!
  12. New Songs! - Moonlight Champion - A theme for a central villain in a story I'm writing. Instruments: pipe organ, violin, violas, cellos, choir, basic orchestral percussion. - Moonlit Battle - The battle theme for when the main character would fight said villain. Instruments: grand piano, choir, basic orchestral percussion. Thanks for listening!
  13. Soleil with Camilla as the mother. She can be a dark knight via an A+ support with Ophelia. Arthur's Axe for the item.
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