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    No mages yet besides Athos? Then take Pent along for the ride!
  2. Yes. You can use the 'choice' command to do this. The command is used like this: choice;[title];[header text];[options list] [title] is name of the choice event; what the player chooses will be saved as a game constant with this name. [header text] is the text that will display in the dialogue box above the options. [options list] is a list of options the player can choose from, each separated by commas. Here's an example of how to use it for dialogue: s;Bob;Hey Mary! How are you? choice;VibeCheck;How are you today?;Good,Bad if;gameStateObj.game_constants['VibeCheck'] == 'Good' s;Mary;I'm feeling good, thanks! elif;gameStateObj.game_constants['VibeCheck'] == 'Bad' s;Mary;I'm not feeling too good, Bob... end Hope this was helpful!
  3. The engine is crashing because weird stuff happens when you use the 'interact_unit' command in a fightScript; when you do that it starts a round of combat in the middle of another round of combat. To my knowledge there's no way to have a regular, non-cutscene fight be scripted, so you'll probably have to go without the event combat for now and remove 'interact_unit' in the fightScript (though I'd wait for rainlash to get back to you on this). The proper way to check something like this would be: if;'BattaDefault' in gameStateObj.level_constants u;Lyn;Right s;Lyn;Nice! r;Lyn As for the elif command, it basically allows you to check for multiple things in one if statement in a more condensed and readable way. Bosses that have multiple special conversations with different characters are a good example of using elif statements in Lex Talionis: This boss has special dialogue with 2 characters and some default dialogue for everyone else. We check for the first character with 'if', the second character with 'elif', and 'else' handles the rest. Note that we DO NOT check for the second character with another 'if'. If we wanted to add more special dialogue with more characters, we would just add more elif checks. You could write this script without using elif pretty easily, but it would be harder to read and even more annoying to write. There are loads more reasons why you might want to check for multiple things in an if statement with elif rather than use another if, this was just a small example. Hope this was helpful!
  4. Yes. As you're probably aware, each character has a gender 0 - 9. You can give a class a unique set of map sprites for each gender by naming the map sprite images 'teamClassX' where X is a number 0 - 9. If a unit's gender matches the number at the end, they will use those mapsprites for their class instead of the default ones. If you're familiar with how unique combat animations work, it's extremely similar. As an example, if you have the images 'playerSage6' and 'playerSage6_move' in the appropriate map sprites folder and a create a player Sage character with a gender of 6, that character will use the 'playerSage6' map sprites instead of the 'playerSageF' ones as they normally would. You can have a lot of unique map sprites for each class using this. However, if you want a character's map sprite to change when they equip a different weapon type, that is not possible to my knowledge. Hope this was helpful!
  5. Debug: 1 ERROR! No words.txt file found in the data directory. Version: v0.9.3.18 libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile libpng warning: sBIT: invalid Setting Seed 0 DLL load failed while importing manhattan_sphere: The parameter is incorrect. Fast manhattan sphere generation not available. Falling back on default Python implementation. DLL load failed while importing LOS: The parameter is incorrect. Fast line of sight calculation not available. Falling back on default Python implementation. DLL load failed while importing fast_pathfinding: The parameter is incorrect. Fast pathfinding not available. Falling back on default Python implementation. As far as I know, these errors don't particularly matter (I get them too and everything works fine), though I'd wait for rainlash to get back to you on that. Traceback (most recent call last): File "LevelEditor.py", line 21, in <module> from EditorCode import Autotiles File "C:\Users\(username)\Downloads\lex-talionis-master\Editor\EditorCode\Autotiles.py", line 7, in <module> from PIL import Image ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'PIL' You need to install the 'pillow' package with pip in the command prompt. Try typing 'pip install pillow', 'python -m pip install pillow', or 'py -m pip install pillow'; whichever works. Once pillow is installed the Level Editor will run. Hope this helps!
  6. Here's a small little progress update for act 2! Act 2 will feature approximately 10 chapters. The first of which, chapter 10, will be Absolution's first defense map! Here's a look at an early test: Uh oh. Green ranges and enemy spies? That can only mean one thing... Like any good defense map, you'll have to extend yourself if you want the best rewards. Other than that, during act 2 you will finally recruit dancers and bards! ...among other new faces! Since school is starting up again, progress will be slow for the next several months. I'll likely release act 2 in two parts so there isn't such a long wait. Thanks to everyone who has played or taken an interest in the game!
  7. Hey everyone! Big round of new songs here, which come courtesy of the latest release of my fangame, Absolution. - Steel on the Water - You know how Radiant Dawn had a special preparations theme for the last chapter in each part? Well here's Absolution's equivalent! - March of Pride - Green units deserve a theme, too! This will play during the other phase in Absolution. - Fearsome Stride - Uh oh! A theme this menacing could only mean one thing: it's enemy phase! - A Hollow Blade - The theme of certain characters... can't say much else about them at the moment. - Together in the Clouds - A support conversation theme. Plays in upbeat and cheery moments with bubbly characters having fun! - Together in the Storm - A support conversation theme. Plays when characters are having a particularly emotional chat- one that lets them understand one another just a little better. - A Healing Wish - The healing theme! ...which you will never get to hear in-game because of how the game works. 😞 Additionally, Fated Journey has been redone! My favorite of the bunch is definitely Together in the Storm, but I'm proud of all of them. Thanks so much for listening as always!
  8. Hey everyone! Sorry that "before 2020" turned into late January, but Act 1 of Absolution is now complete! The link in the OP has been updated. Here's a changelog of things from the previous version, v0.1.0.6 to the current version v0.1.0.9: Thanks to everyone who played the last version! I hope you enjoy the 4 new chapters in small adjustments to old ones!
  9. Yeah, this is the solution I had in mind too. All things considered, it doesn't require a lot of work to give enemies the skill, and the benefit it provides to the player is great. Added! The next version in general will be better at showing the player more information in the objectives window. I put the pillar terrain there because that's where the pillars visually begin. If that's not consistent with GBA FE, I'll change the map to be in line with the tile data. Thank you so much for playing, I hope you enjoyed it!
  10. Here's a tiny progress update! I've been making small tweaks and fixes over the past couple weeks, but now that the semester is over and I have a good amount of free time again, I can start making big progress! I've tackled most of the problems reported so far; biggest thing left is to add more cursor breaks. Other than that, I've been working on small new features and the next 4 chapters (6, 7, 8, and 9). Here's a quick look: And that's it for now. Not a whole lot to show, but that's only because I'm just getting started. My goal remains to have Act 1 finished by 2020! It's a pretty tight deadline, and I may not hit it, but I've been more motivated to work on this than ever. A massive thank you to everyone who has played the demo, given feedback, or even just showed a passing interest!
  11. Thank you both very much for giving it a try and posting feedback! I'll respond to some of it. for hhshark: for eclipse:
  12. Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you're enjoying it! The last available chapter is "A Greater Struggle," which is the one after Luminescence. It occurs to me now that I forgot to put numbers in the chapter names, so it's not exactly clear what chapter 5 even is. I updated the OP to make that a bit more clear. Thank you for your encouragement, and I'm excited to hear your full thoughts!
  13. Dropbox Download Link (Complete Act I) The current build, v0.1.9.0, starts at the prologue (Indictment) and ends after chapter 9 (Acquittal). Salutations, everyone! I am happy to introduce to you all to a new FE project: Absolution! I’ve been working on the ideas and concepts behind this for a long time now, and it feels so good to finally have a playable build out there. This game runs in the Lex Talionis engine, and as such is easy to download and play! All you have to do is download the game from the link above, unzip it, and double click the “double_click_me_to_play” batch file! Absolution takes place in the world of Aletheia, a world split in half by conflicts too old to remember. Today, the two sides of Aletheia reunite - in less than harmonious circumstances. Help Valentina Bolivar free her people from oppression and overcome her personal demons through a story that spans two continents and 7 countries. The road ahead is an arduous one, laden with inconvenient and painful truths. But still, you must fight onward towards absolution, and right the wrongs of millennium past! This is my first foray into game development, so your feedback is very much appreciated! I am heavily invested in this game being the best it can possibly be! Thank you! (I also love seeing how people’s units turned out, so if you want to share that, please do!) Implemented/In Progress Features: An original story/scenario with original characters Original music written specifically for the game A simple yet robust class system 2 - 3 range archers, 1 - 2 range crossbows, and a combination of Radiant Dawn-style and Fates-style knives A variety of personal skills and combat arts A support system where every character gets at least 4 support options. Even the most side character of side characters get equal love! Yet-to-be-implemented Features: Unique enemy pallets based on faction. Lore entries in the game's library Multiple difficulties; all difficulties are currently identical Screenshots: Graphics Credits (AWESOME PEOPLE):
  14. Updated song! - Charge v2.0 - I decided to remake the battle theme Charge next, as it's the first battle theme you'll hear in the game and the first demo of the game is nearing completion! The character portrait in the thumbnail also got an update (although that got remade a while back)! I hope you enjoy Charge in its new, crisp form.
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