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  1. Ball, looks like I'll be waiting for the homebrew update
  2. oh awesome! Also sent you a PM about being a part of the translation team
  3. if I install this patch over the previous one will overwrite the previous one?
  4. That's what Bossman said. hopefully this will include more support conversations done. and someone on a certain scientific website well probably add the new patch too
  5. are you looking for pre-patched v4? Cause I've seen it there
  6. I found a bug in the Birthright side! (NOT SURE IF I SHOULD POST HERE) When Takumi and Oboro do their C support It just completes and says they achieve rank C. no dailouge whatsoever Found another bug. at the end of the battle in muse (that chapter where Aqua sings to Garon) When Kamui is talking to Takumi, the second thing he says to takumi before takumi says "That's right. I'll become stronger too." is completely blank
  7. Can anyone direct me to a cia of The Anya and Invisible kingdom? when I tried to get the DLC from my retail copy of Hyakuya (Hoshido) is said it can't get it because my 3DS is a USA region 3DS. I've searched everywhere and yet I can't seem to find one and I would very much like to play the other campaigns for it since I bought the US versions to support Nintendo
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