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  1. Since there's already topics about lords and avatars, why not make one for villains as well? What type of villain would you like to see on FE Switch? It could be anything ranging from a minor villain to a major one or even the final boss. What type of story does that villain have and how they affect the story? Do you even want another dragon as the final boss or something more unique as the overall main villain? I'm looking forward to what people come up with.
  2. I would like it to be based on the Third Reich. I would like to see a full scale world war in this next Fire Emblem game.
  3. Kris (we got Robin and Corrin so why not him?) , Mark (it would be cool if this would happen) , and Lute (because she's Lute... nuff said)
  4. After watching BLAZINGKNIGHT's video, I want to make my own list of what I hope for to be in Fire Emblem Switch. Keep in mind this is my opinion and this list is in no particular order. So here goes my top 5 hopes for Fire Emblem Switch... 1. 3rd tier promotions. Nuff said. 2. If they are gonna add children, then I would like to see a two generation story like they did in FE4. I don't want any of this Deeprealms shit. Let them grow up naturally and not just shove them in a dimension where time moves faster. 3. Most likely there will be an Avatar in this game. If so, I don't want him/her to be the main focus of the game (Corrin). However, I don't want him/her to be not too significant to the point where having the Avatar doesn't really impact the story (Mark). From what I heard, Kris may be the perfect example, but I haven't played the FE3 remake so I don't know much about that Avatar. I prefer something like what Robin is during the Gangrel and Walhart arc, but not the Grima arc. I want someone who is important to the story, but not too important like the main lord. 4. Not a lot fanservice like what Fates and Awakening did. Of course I like a little amount of fanservice, but not like Camilla and Charlotte amount of fanservice. 5. I want multiple dialogue choices that actually mean something. Fates has the branching paths choice, but I feel like it's not really a choice. It's just an illusion and your choice comes from what game you buy beforehand, it being either Birthright or Conquest. It gives you the other options of course, but you have to buy the other option in order to play it. For Fire Emblem Switch I actually want choices that can affect the story to the point where there is multiple endings. For example, you make a certain choice to spare someone, but later they turned out be an assassin. They kill your Avatar and you go on the Dead Avatar route or something like that. So these are my hopes for Fire Emblem Switch. I would certainly like to hear your own hopes for the game too. So leave a reply and maybe some comments on my list on what you like or dislike.
  5. I believe they would keep Normal, Hard, and Lunatic mode (maybe Lunatic+ too). Most likely there will be a Casual and Classic mode since it's now kinda staple. However, no Phoenix mode please.
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