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  1. Well then it's a good thing you won't be the one fighting her! Lesser Rolf is! This one goes out to all you Videogame Web Comics that constantly incorrectly depict Marth! Yeah, we should have another cute girl on our team instead of your sorry ass! I'll be sure to get on that Cleric situation right away Oh I'm sure you'll absolutely adore our new Cleric!
  2. I guess I should probably post a link to my channel, shouldn't I? Here it is I just start recently so all I've done so far is just a story recap of Shadow Dragon
  3. So I've recently begun making videos on youtube about our beloved tactical rpg franchise, and so of course I need gameplay footage to use in videos, and I thought it'd be fun to alongside recording it, do one of these good ol forum screenshot lps! Now this is going to be sole for the purpose of getting footage so I'm not doing any self imposed challenges like iron man runs or LTCs or anything, just a Normal-Classic Mode playthrough That being said, Let's Begin! I'm just gonna quickly speed through the character creation Noble Child, Diverse, and Wealth are the options I choose, as well as the Myrmidon class just cause it's my fav of the option and fits my aesthetic Katarina! It's been forever, I've missed you, it's a shame intsys hasn't made you a legendary hero in Feh yet, when will you get the love you deserve? Ah yes, the not-so Cain-and-Abels of the game I believe in you, Katarina! You will become a legendary tactician! Wow! That's a great first level up! This sprite is such an improvement over the one in Shadow Dragon, what a glo up! You know it, I even made 2 whole videos on the topic Squad 7? We Naruto in this shit Maybe a little less Tellius literature could be a good thing sometimes Speaking of Tellius, I didn't know Rolf was in this game ...what? His name is not Rolf??? Weird ...what? It's not Gordin either??? Absolutely WILD New reaction image EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW Don't worry, Rolf! Fuck, I mean... wait, what was his name again? ...RYAN??? That's way too similar, your name is Lesser Rolf from now on Finally some god damn respect And you should trust him! Oscar is a very reliable person Had it not been for the laws of this land, I would've slaughtered you
  4. No you are mistaken, check the date again, it says 2017, it’ll soon be the second birthday of this account
  5. Hey, I made an account here a while ago, but I’ve yet to make an intro post because, well Forums make me apprehensive and I don’t really use them at all, but here I am I guess? Anyway, hi, I’m 21, I’ve played every main series Fire Emblem game (except FE3 but shhhhhh I’ve played FE12 so it’s okay, don’t worry), and I make art and such
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