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  1. I'm taking suggestions for the next path I should take. I was leaning towards the Black Eagles' Edelgard path so I can see both sides of the story, since it'd be interesting to see Edelgard's reasoning behind things. However, the Golden Deer seem to have some cool things too, without going into spoilers. Thoughts?
  2. I'm ready to start my NG+ route and want to do something different for Byleth. The norm seems to be a sword-related class, and that's what I went with during my initial playthrough. I used Thief, Hero, then Enlightened One. Are there any other good classes I should go for that utilize Byleth's strengths but also mixes it up a bit?
  3. Is there a choice between casual or classic mode in addition to Normal or Hard?
  4. I would also like to know. I usually play Fire Emblem on Normal, but I've played so many in the series and Echoes was quite easy on Normal. I beat Radiant Dawn on Normal which is essentially Hard. I just want to figure what's best for me. Or even if I should go from Normal -> Hard for NG+.
  5. So that makes five difficulties. Still, it doesn't answer my initial question if anyone knows it: do you need to play Hard to unlock the upper difficulties?
  6. Wasn't aware there was lunatic. I know that from those who've played it that you start out with a Normal and Hard difficulty, but that there are also two other options available either after you beat the game on any difficulty or on Hard.
  7. Can I beat the game on Normal and unlock the difficulty after Hard, or do you have to beat the game on Hard in order to do so? Do we even know yet?
  8. Ah, those three would make sense. Thanks for the reply! I kind of like it this way. Knowing me, I'd relentlessly grind for it but I think I plan on doing Hard.
  9. Not sure if we know yet, but is there a limit to how many students we can recruit from the opposing houses? I know it would kind of defeat the purpose of the time jump, maybe, but who knows.
  10. Do we know yet if we should wait until level 20 to promote our studnets in Three Houses? Or is it better to do so right away once they are able?
  11. Be aware that there are possible spoilers: I was on Reddit and saw someone mention that there are four different paths according to a leak, and that you'd have to side with Edelgard to get the final path. I don't know how much I like this, but I also haven't seen any confirmation with a cursory google search. Is this the case or have I been bamboozled?
  12. Oof that doesn't sound good. I know that the Fate's pre-orders was not fun. I might just be better off leaving it as is then.
  13. Eh I probably won't be able to pre-order it again unless it comes up. Would I call my local Best Buy or the support number? Also, isn't there a live chat feature for support as well? I could be wrong. Maybe that'll work?
  14. Hey so I got it on Best Buy, but it's pickup at store. I'm not sure for how long I'll be where I am, and so I'd rather have it changed to shipping at an address. Is anyone who pre-ordered it able to change it to ship to a specified address if you got pickup at store? Perhaps in my haste the pre-order I neglected to choose an option, but it says you can change it. Right now though, it doesn't look like I'm able. Not the end of the world, I might be getting a new job soon and moving but my parents still live where I pre-ordered it.
  15. I didn't expect you to reply so fast, I'll stay on for a few if you want :P
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