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  1. - Won't really pull. Outta orbs and I'm not too interested in Duma - New Echoes characters are nice - Duma's breath animation looks absolutely insane - If this is how IS is gonna treat Mythic Heroes (new special characters and not alts), then I'm all in (but knowing IS, I doubt they can keep this up)
  2. Good luck to everyone who has voted! More importantly (as a reminder just in case), once the results are out... Be civil. We understand if you're frustrated that a character you don't like won or a character you do like gets booted out. However, there is seriously no need to take out your frustration on others, it does nothing but escalate the situation. Take a deep breath. Go out for a walk. Get a refreshing drink. View some good ol' Reinhardt memes. And come back when you're ready to have a nice discuss- *incoherent screaming* Oh dear god no..... *one large Surtr-sized tsunami approaches*
  3. Might as well give this a shot: Do your worst.
  4. - Any of the Jugdral characters (especially Julia indeed) - L'arachel or Duessel (my FE8 favorites) - Alm or F!Robin (my 'they-have-a-shot-at-winning' favorites) - Chrom (cause why not) - Merlinus (no explanation needed) - Elincia, Ranulf, or Black Knight (my FE10 favorites) - Ghaststation (I SERIOUSLY WANT HIM TO BE IN THE GAME) - And the most 'daredevil' suggestion:
  5. I've been using the guide videos often, but occasionally it won't work due to AI or using the required unit as skill fodder like the idiot I am. I'm sure I can beat these maps, but for me, it's quite the time commitment to plan out everything and not mindlessly tap auto-battle. Thankfully, I can live without those rewards cause this game is generous imo (another reason I play Heroes). Appreciate the help though buddy! :D
  6. - Aether raids slightly rely on mythic heroes (a.k.a. potentially becoming another p2p mode) - Abyssal is actually insane unless I surrender to microtransactions - Story feels repetitive with the whole stupid 'contract' thing and is not too interesting - Chain challenges and squad assault are the banes of my existence - Arena.... don't need to explain the issues with that - Voting gauntlet.... also don't need to explain the issues with that - Tap battle is the most unnecessary thing ever and it feels like an absolute chore trying to get all the resources - (Seriously, I wish we can at least unlock the music we play to for Aether Raids. So much lost potential) - Game is really becoming stale whether it is including alts in new hero banners now, including seasonals for the same characters often, etc. Instead of focusing on adding new content (as they'll just get stale over time), IS should focus on revamping things again (even if it didn't quite work out with voting gauntlets). It just feels more fresh to me. Ultimately, that entire list above is just a minor thing. I will forever play this game cause REINHARDT MEEEEEMES (oh and I guess building up my mage army).
  7. Predicting who will win: Males: 1. Alm (cause Alm) 2. Marth (cause Marth) Females: 1. Micaiah (the main character to go to, along with F!Robin, in order to vote off Camilla) 2. Camilla (I feel like given how the mid-results woke up some people, they'll be desperately trying to push Camilla off. However, I feel like that won't be enough this time around and she'll barely hang on)
  8. I like Haar because he's a good unit but wherever else I go, he gets overshadowed by Mia and Nephenee so I assume few actually care too much about Haar. I'd thought Elincia was somehow more popular than Haar too. But then again, I finished RD a long time ago to truly remember. Also Haar in Brave Redux possibly...?
  9. If F!Robin wins, I seriously expect Grandmaster Levin Sword Robin (or really, a Sword Robin in general). Such a missed opportunity in my opinion considering they already have the mage and dragon versions.
  10. The Tellius games, if I recalled, didn't sell well. So I'd imagine not as many people know who Elincia truly is about and what made her great. Definitely sucks cause I would love to see Elincia get a Brave alt. EDIT: Guess that still wouldn't explain why Haar is up there but whatever.
  11. Thanks for keeping this place as civil as possible. I seriously feel bad for you.
  12. Sturdy Impact 4 plz. My Reinhardt would gladly consume anyone for that skill.
  13. In this situation, I don't think they really care if they're different characters so long as they see ANY Anna wins. Plus deep down, any Anna (except maybe Shadow Dragon Anna?) is always a money-loving maniac.
  14. IS: Hey guys we heard you wanted Marth to win CYL so we combined both versions of him this time. Fans: Yay! Now we can vote for Marth AND ANNA! IS: uhhhh............... about that.... *jumps out the window* R.I.P. Anna? Maybe next time? Also, I'm just gonna sit on the sidelines and observe. Personally wouldn't want Camilla to win *cough* 7th alt *cough*, but it's clear that I'm in the minority.
  15. Team Hardin cause why not. Don't think we'll get far but you never know cause of the outcomes of the previous voting gauntlets. Also @Ice Dragon, thank you for your OP Jakob. I already nearly screwed up on my first battle but your Jakob saved me by taking out all the enemies solo. Should I also set my support to someone else or is +5 L'arachel fine?
  16. So uhh Team Anna started off with around 21 areas at the start of the FINAL ROUND. Now that 10 minutes remain and all the areas have been knocked out, here are the results from my outrealm (10216 is the number by the way): Team Alphonse: 15 Team Sharena (my team): 14 Team Anna: 1 21 controlled areas to 1 controlled area in one round. Holy crap I feel so sorry for anyone on Team Anna in that outrealm. EDIT: Guess I'm not the only one in that situation. As much as I love this mode, it kinda needs some tweaking.
  17. Ninian straight up just reminds me of that girl from Me!Me!Me!. Still decent. Sanaki just feels weird (and not because she is 10/13). It's hard to describe but I'll just say that the color choice doesn't blend well for me. I might not like Tharja but wow I really like that art style. Sorta tempted to summon but I'll pass. And now we wait to see how Groom Marth looks. Oh boy.
  18. I'm hoping the first part of your username is actually true cause geez that's going too far. Have you ever taken time to consider that people who have over 80 5*s (including me) also have other things to do outside of playing this game? As much as we wanna play this game, we're too busy and have little time to play lunatic+ maps. Any chance that we do get to play lunatic maps and that chance is soon wasted as most people will initially struggle before having to stop playing and go back to work. Now I don't know if that situation applies to Anacybele, but I think you should be cautious of how you word what you say cause you'll give off quite the wrong impression to the wrong people. And talk about how you're able to clear this and that with so few units, cause that'll TOTALLY help Ana's situation here. Sorry if I end up sounding rude, but your post ends up sorta coming off that way.
  19. Yeah I suppose that makes sense as to why it'd be difficult to implement. Though I really doubt team size is gonna be that big of an issue (ultimately, we'll never know if that's an issue unless we get an idea of how many active outrealms there are). I actually really like your idea of suggesting where players should attack, but I also get the feeling that trolls might abuse this function.
  20. Welp, now that I've played quite a bit of Grand Conquest, I would like to share my thoughts. I can't deny that I was having fun. I already liked the idea of rival domains despite its flaws, and now that we can actually use our brigades to fight other players' brigades, I couldn't help but be excited. With that being said, there are quuiiite a bit of issues that I'm hoping IS sorts out next time. My biggest gripe with this mode is as I'm sure other people can easily agree with, the stamina system. 1 hour just to refill one stamina is ridiculous. It's difficult to try to stay on top of the game and engaged when you have to wait 8 hours and by then you already missed out on like a good 10 rounds or something. I personally think 30 minutes is much more suitable. On that note, tiers. Tiers need to be increased (just don't increase the percent of your score that goes to neighboring areas) as that immediately kills most of my interest in playing this mode because then there's a lack of an incentive. Sure you could still try and get your team the most areas, but you'll start finding that unless you've saved all your conquest lances on the last round, you won't be making that big of a difference. As an aside (and you don't have to agree with me here), I don't consider the final round to be the most important one. It's actually the 2nd last round that really matters. People need to secure their areas for the final round before attacking the other areas. In the previous two battles, my team was saving their lances until the last round to go on an all out offense but it didn't matter as our team was the most at risk of losing areas. In the first battle, our team (Alphonse) lost all 8 of our areas that were at risk and in the 2nd battle, our team (Alphonse again) lost 5/6 areas that were at risk. The other teams only needed to defend 1/2 areas, so they can focus their efforts in a small area whereas my team just decided to battle where ever they wanted without paying much attention (still, good job team Alphonse). That leads me to my other big gripe, lack of communication. While it might be difficult to implement, I would actually like a list of the people on my team and also a team chat. It's quite frustrating cause I can't simply go on any Heroes forum and tell Team Alphonse a potential strategy I have in mind since everyone is separated into different outrealms. You'd have to be quite lucky to meet someone on a forum that is both in the same outrealm AND in the same team. And there's my thoughts. Just wanted to pop in for a while. I'm tired and hungry so I'm probably gonna go back to being inactive again. EDIT: Outrealm 2491 Team Sharena in case you're wondering. ;D
  21. To simply put, I liked how IS tried to explain the reason behind why Camilla is who she is and all, but they executed that poorly. Design: 6/10 Development: 4/10 Overall: 5/10
  22. This mode is exactly what I've been wanting for a long time. I'm too excited playing this mode.
  23. I'm at least glad we got new Awakening characters and not just alternates. A bit disappointed that it's children, but I'll take anything besides costumes at this point. Unfortunately, I wasted my orbs though I'm gonna try my best to snipe for F!Morgan. As much as I like Chrom's art style, something about his character design throws me off and I'm not sure why.
  24. I was tempted to hold off spending the rest of my orbs and try to also snipe Hardin but I gave into the pressure in hopes of getting any 5* at that point. At least I got L'arachel again... ;-; (Lucky you. Totally not jealous right now) But seriously, congrats.
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