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  1. You have a point. If this is really what they care about, then they’re completely in the right.
  2. If they choose to not buy it, just because of this minor issue, then they’re kinda closed minded and not looking at the whole package. This game has not even gotten close to questionable representation and the limited rep is still more than quadruple what we got in fates.
  3. You were saying women like this women like that. You don’t know what lesbians look for in a woman, and neither do I. Most people are looking for deep emotional value, a lot of people just want a cute dom. I’m confused by the mlm selection, but just cause there’s not more cute older women to bang doesn’t mean you have to write 50 paragraphs. I highly assume there’ll be more, so wait before decrying IS as not understanding the LGBT community. This is a big step up from the two we got in fates, which wasn’t really gay and lesbian as much as they were horny for corrin. It’s a step in the right direction.
  4. I think I’d be impossible to cater for what everyone wants in a gay/lesbian romance. Different people look for different things and some people are super into old dudes like Alois or Gilbert or girls who are into edelgard or Mercedes. Hell, people were into Shamir, not because she’s altruistic, and she certainly isn’t sociable, but because she looks like she’d dom the hell out of you. These choices are clearly not for you, but they’re for someone, even if it’s kinda out of left field. It would be nice to have some more variety, absolutely, but I’m happy that we’re getting more than the nothing that was fates ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ supports.
  5. I wouldn’t agree that the wlw supports are catering to men, any more than that they’re lesbian relationships and a chunk of straight men like that. Who would you throw into the wlw supports, because I don’t really see anything that fixes that issue. If you make it more teachers, well you run the risk of having the exact same problem the mlm supports are having. I wouldn’t argue it’s such a big deal, and I doubt the translators, especially back then, felt that either. Yes more representation is sorely needed and very important, but saying they regretted it and got cold feet when we have little information for the reason for this change, is overreacting.
  6. I think you’re really overthinking this. Whether or not if they’re queercoded, it doesn’t matter what you see in them. No one is as flirty or as bold as Claude, and because it seems like he’s just toying with you and has no interest in men, you claim it as queerbaiting. I see it as part of his character and a greater narrative that could be developed over the course of the story. I’m sad that we can’t smooch him as well, but I want to see what they do with him.
  7. Technically, they would need to be 12, as the school phase counts as one year. As such, everyone ages 6 years over the course of the game. Lil nitpicky but the game does update to show new ages after birthdays (and I assume the war phase) so it’s a neat detail.
  8. Characters can still be flirty without be being gay. I’m not saying that this behavior is ok, but if it’s part of his character I think it’ll be interesting.
  9. Ok, I think this is somewhat ridiculous. I know Claude is queer-coded and flirty but that by no means defines his character as gay. Whatever character Claude is, why he acts that way can be more than he’s gay. Hell maybe there’s a reason why he’s so flirty but unable to be s supported. I feel like the info we have here is too limited to make a solid judgement on Claude.
  10. I’m pretty ok with this implementation. Something small and somewhat unique for the series amiibos is nice but you aren’t missing much if you don’t have the amiibos. Going big or going with nothing sounds like a terrible idea. If it’s big you’ll have tons of people scrambling to buy an already somewhat tough to get product or products, just for convoluted dlc. If it’s nothing, that’s a big middle finger to the people who spent money on the amiibos. I’m not saying Nintendo implementation of amiibos is good overall, but this is neat enough for the people who have them to use them.
  11. I would never expect an exact 80 since everyone takes things at different paces. Maybe he didn’t do some paralogues, maybe his choices caused him to skip past some fights, maybe he autotutored. I think we should wait for more reviews and more people to play it to judge the playtime.
  12. The writer does admit they rushed the game in four days, and they played on normal which would’ve been a breeze. I think it’s unfair to compare his time to our play time. and this is just speculation but the choices they picked could’ve lead them to an earlier ending than normal, but that’s a theory.
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