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  1. Rip Team Julia. Back to not caring about FE Heroes for another year...... *sigh*
  2. FOR JUGDRAL FOR NAGA! If anyone on Team Julia wants to add me my fried code is 786-3457-503 I'm currently repping Ayra, can switch to a dancer if needed (I have both Ninian's, original Azura, and original Shigure built) Edit: If you do add me send me a pm so that I know it's not some random. Otherwise I might not accept. P.S. Does anyone know if supports work with friend's characters as well?
  3. Is it worth building a second Myrrh? Just pulled a second one (neutral) when trying for Lewyn, and I already have the preferred +def -spd one built up.
  4. socute

    1. immatx


      She sure is, GenericHero made her for me :D

  5. Whew +def -res Quan in the second batch. Very nice iv’s. I hope this luck persists and allows me to get Lewyn quickly.
  6. Hmm, that’s pretty interesting. I didn’t realize people still used him. (Does Arcanite not rep oboro anymore???) Oof, I meant when you don’t have the chosen unit to choose from. Huh, I didn’t realize that was really a problem. Guess I’ve just been lucky or havnt noticed. Ahh yeah I always forget there’s people that are really behind. I just don’t like putting a red unit as my rep cuz I assume most people will use a red unit (Also my red units are a looooot weaker than my green units just cause I’m too lazy to do grind for them). Seriously? Jeez that sucks. I figured everyone would have at least a handful of 5* fully skill inherited units by now, if not several +10’s. Oof but that takes so long. I can usually solo most teams with my unit, but it’s nice when my teammates help out a little too.
  7. Yeah that makes sense. I usually just leave Julia as my unit for both as she’s one of my strongest units and is a green mage which doesn’t seem that commonly picked. Although perhaps it would be better if I swapped for Myrrh as my support rep since my Julia is in a very team reliant build. I generally do the swap thing like you mentioned, avoiding the same color unit as the team I’m on, but I’ve been getting almost exclusively green units this round (I’ve gotten 2 reds in like 40 battles so far). So I figured I’d ask in case the standards had shifted. Btw what do you mean by fully built 5*? A +10 or just one with all their skills finished? Thats what I thought but I’m worried as soon as I change to like a red sword all I’ll get are reds, and Julia can usually solo the round if they don’t have many red units :/
  8. What kind of units do y’all like to put as your rep, and what kind of unit do you bring along (if you don’t have the chosen unit) in these voting gauntlets? Edit: grammar
  9. I think that quote is some kind of hint as to the nature of the plot. My hope based on the very last line would be that Byleth betrays the three lords and turns to the other side, resulting in a much darker story. Even when he’s the enemy Edelgard still feels a bond with him and doesn’t want to lose that. But when taking into consideration the context, I don’t think it’s very likely. If I were to place a bet it would be a generic time skip like most people are suggesting. However generic time skips are, well, generic, so I’ll dive a little deeper. Now there is a plausible scenario that fits the last two lines very well, especially if we consider Edelgard’s prior rant about the crests. Since she’s lecturing Byleth/the teacher about them, it would be reasonable to assume that he is either unfamiliar with them (hailing from another land), or holds the opposite opinion as her. In either circumstance, should Edelgard decide to start a holy war, she wouldn’t assume Byleth would stand alongside her, as he would either side with the church for the crests, or have no stance on the matter. Therefore it seems quite possible that Edelgard abandons his tutelage, and her fellow lordlings, in pursuit of a way to destroy the crests. Hopefully we get some more info today :)
  10. I’m almost exclusively getting green Hector’s as my additional units.
  11. HOW DARE YOU Plz no ——————————————— I’m so glad we got more Genealogy! Will definitely be pulling for Lewyn and Quan. I’m disappointed they went with Sylvia instead of Ferry but I understand why.
  12. Dear other people on Team Hector, We all get it, you like Hector. But if everyone puts Hector as their rep it gets rather hard to win fights against red units. Please try to mix it up a bit. Sincerely, Everyone else on Team Hector
  13. That would be really intriguing, but considering Byleth's interaction with Edelgard in the castle, and that we see Byleth run past Dimitri makes it seem unlikely. Edit: That was poorly worded. I meant unlikely that there was a time skip of any kind, as their ages seem roughly similar, and Edelgard didn't look any older at any point throughout the trailer. Unless the beginning chapters where they showed all the characters, including Byleth, fighting was pre-time skip?
  14. Yeah exactly. Since you get them at the same level, if the situations were reversed she would be the one who was considered better. Besides recruitment chapter they're remarkably similar characters.
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