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  1. Interesting how so many people get Nohr as a result. The few people I know mostly got Hoshido, ironically.
  2. That's what I like about this game. It's a choice that is legitimately challenging for people to make.
  3. All very interesting. So far, I've seen Birthright completely, and Conquest mostly. Birthright seems like an ending where the Light triumphs over the Dark. Where Conquest, from what I've seen, feels like good intentions causing a lot of loss.
  4. Which of the 3 paths is your favorite & why is it your favorite? I haven't seen all paths yet, so I can't answer accurately.
  5. If a crit does happen, it's more likely for Ryoma. However, Xander does have skills giving him additional damage dealing. He does get additional 3 damage to his attacks always. Plus additional 2 at full health, and takes 2 less damage, when initially at full health. So, Xander can do extra 5 damage on initiation. Another thing is, Xander has more movement than Ryoma, Xander having 8, Ryoma has 6. So, Xander could move back, forcing Ryoma to move forward, then Xander initiates on his turn.
  6. Well if you wanna know how close, you could tell me your answers, & I could tell you how many Nohr & Hoshido answers you have. That goes for anyone.
  7. Hence why I said before no reclassing. Just leaves too many variables.
  8. Well yeah the best we can do is probability?
  9. They have to be original classes, any level as long they're equal amount like both level 20 for examples. It's best to have as few variables as possible for a most accurate result. I say examine both either from the side choosing in chapter 6 or take them at their peaks. Like Xander was chapter 26 of Birthright. And Ryoma is Chapter 25 of Conquest I think. http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Ryoma#As_an_Enemy http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Xander#As_an_Enemy
  10. Xander of Nohr vs Ryoma of Hoshido... Who Wins? They have their usual weapon.
  11. Which Hogwarts houses would the characters be sorted into?
  12. They're always obvious to fans. Only way to not us for completely unrelated questions
  13. I hit Anything Goes instead of Moral Code I guess. Interesting how many would side with Nohr.
  14. Took it on phone with those answers and would get Nohr. Took it with same answers on non mobile and got Hoshido
  15. I know. But I've gotten more Hoshido answers and still could be Nohr. It's quite weird. Just to test it out, I've picked... Katana Puppets Grow at own pace Strict Moral Code Steak Find a Clever Solution Peace Night owl Bond
  16. I know. But I've chosen more Hoshido answers & still could get Nohr EDIT: Quoted wrong by accident.
  17. Anyone ever figure out what the answers go to each faction?
  18. http://fireemblemfates.nintendo.com/quiz/ What are your results?
  19. Well the way most of my family hated me, I would expected them to try that in real life. I'm not as surprised as most would be.
  20. Well, up to that point, people from both sides who care about you. Camilla, etc. They all care, except the King isn't quite so caring. For Hoshido, they all seem to care as well, except Takumi. He basically hates you and wishes you dead. At least the King gave you shelter. If Takumi had his way, he'd leave you to die. It's basically a feel of siding with the family that raised you and loved you, viewing you as family, with a cold Father. Or the family that's your blood, that never had those memories of growing up with you.
  21. If you were in the protagonist's position, would you side with Nohr or Hoshido? If you didn't know what would happen later on.
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