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  1. so the maps are complete is the main story not counting the gaidens complete?
  2. Hunter better then archer more. The horseman is a good class but sniper will beat it later game
  3. Imma just add this: The reclassing in fates felt more fun then three houses, I don't quite know why but it did.
  4. I think everyone would at least want Anna supports in
  5. I would want her personal tome to be eithier dark spikes, effective on dragons instead of calvaray though
  6. hapi is the best out of this bunch I would say, just by her magic list
  7. Why i it that when think of Yuri , I get the image of the tales of character. That inludes the fact he goes into myrmodon
  8. Most of the crets are associated with magic so my guess is: the magic for warp requires that crest symbol to be made.
  9. Griffon Rider- Only reason is because we only ever saw them in awakening. Valkyrie- Basically female war master but is efficient in lances and brawling. Dark Flier- To make fliers even more op then before, is that not the fun of dlc classes? Halbedier- Lance needs a mastery class that isnt flying or for a random skillset Trueblade- making swordmasters have a final class
  10. Lorenz I never liked before ghe timeskip especially since he had terrible rng growths. Eventually though the character grew a little on me and after a few levels, he was destroying all the bosses, don't even know why.
  11. If there was a shapeshifting class it wouldve probably only gone to the Rhea people like flayn or seteth as unique classes.
  12. Question: If this is for echoes, why is the title saying Fates?
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