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  1. Why i it that when think of Yuri , I get the image of the tales of character. That inludes the fact he goes into myrmodon
  2. Most of the crets are associated with magic so my guess is: the magic for warp requires that crest symbol to be made.
  3. Griffon Rider- Only reason is because we only ever saw them in awakening. Valkyrie- Basically female war master but is efficient in lances and brawling. Dark Flier- To make fliers even more op then before, is that not the fun of dlc classes? Halbedier- Lance needs a mastery class that isnt flying or for a random skillset Trueblade- making swordmasters have a final class
  4. Lorenz I never liked before ghe timeskip especially since he had terrible rng growths. Eventually though the character grew a little on me and after a few levels, he was destroying all the bosses, don't even know why.
  5. If there was a shapeshifting class it wouldve probably only gone to the Rhea people like flayn or seteth as unique classes.
  6. Question: If this is for echoes, why is the title saying Fates?
  7. 1. Church route, it had too many enemies for me at the end, though while I was happy to not see Gronder Field again, the final map was difficult. The sheer amount of enemies on the map made it hard, along with the Boss barely even being hurt unless you took out every last enemy. That and I didn't think I would be fighting a dragon on this route so I wasnt prepared. 2. Black Eagles- Surprise pegasi that can one round your units is not very fun. Though now my petra has earned the title dragon killer since she took the boss on solo. 3. Golden deer- It was very straightforward for me since I avioded the posion till it disapeared after murdering an enemy. Along with the fact it felt like a victory lap after winning to me. 4. Blue Lions- Easiet because warping dmitri and watching a show happen. I honestly didnt expect it to work at that time but he beat edelgard himself,
  8. Gremory- Double uses of all magic. they may not have the range of the holy or dark knight, but they certainly have stronger attacks and have more usage but less movement. Pegasus Knight- These units seem to always make my units have the fastest possible AS. and all the females who became one couldn't die from any enemies since their aviod went to a high amount. Bow knight- be able to shoot 4 spaces away, then move farther away. these units are powerful
  9. Id say do things like how conquest did, adding more skills to regular enemies. Some skills for archers that will lower whoever they hit with a penalty. I forgot the skills and amount while typing this.
  10. The shield is called Serios Sheild. I beleive it just is a better sheild then a silver one since it blocks some magic.
  11. I believe at the start of the game Sothis asks us questions. Those could relate to what our talents are, but swords would be locked probably since his personal weapon is a sword.Keep in mind that im only guessing this cause a screenshot of Sothis asking "What are you?". I beleive the choices were: demon, ghost and human?
  12. My only idea is that the crests could determine some types of magic from a specifc providence.
  13. How do I manage to play this game perchance? the other modded gba games I have played required a different type of file, I could just not be noticing something though.
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