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  1. Siegfried will be a pain to fight against, Ursula will be really helpful here, and F!Corrin can be in this banner, she is connected with Xander and have advantage against him.
  2. About the healer, I see Maria and Elise in many teams (Advanced Arena), but Clarine and Serra are a good choice too. Don't worry, you can level up your Azama if want.
  3. Well, i don't have many 5* (I got three Roys 5* and just one Robin...) but i like my current team.
  4. Name: Marth HP: 17 Atk: 18 Spd: 8 Def: 7 Res: 5 Weapon Skill: Silver Sword Assist Skill: Pivot Special Skill: - Name: Jakob HP: 15 Atk: 14 Spd: 9 Def: 6 Res: 4 Weapon Skill: Silver Dagger Assist Skill: Rally Resistence Special Skill: -
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