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  1. Update: It turns out that I mixed this quest up with another one, thank you for trying to help though!
  2. That's odd...I cleared the trial he was talking about, but when I went back to him he didn't say anything new. I figured the gossamer hair was "proof" of sorts.
  3. I finished my first playthrough of echoes a while ago, and I'm working on my second file. I wanted to complete all the side quests in this run, but I think I may have messed up the eerie hermit's quest. I know you need to have the gossamer hair in your inventory when you talk to him the second time, but I gave my gossamer hair to Celica. I then proceeded to give the hair to the fisherman who can catch a dagon for you (which is needed for another quest). I'm worried about having a second chance to get the gossamer hair, are there any?
  4. I was looking at the character growths in Echoes and realized that the villager growths were kind of low. I really want to use Faye and Cliff, but I don't know if it's worth it. I don't mind a challenge, however, I'm not sure how hard the later half of the game is. What are your opinions?
  5. Here's mine! ^_^ Player name: Jane ID: 3971496845
  6. Thanks for the recommendations. One thing I want to know is if Erika is any good since I'm enjoying using her quite a bit.
  7. I know Sacred Stones is quite old, and this topic has probably been covered already, but I want to know which units are the best to use. I just started playing Sacred Stones not too long ago (currently on chapter four), so I want to know who I should bother training. People say Sacred Stones is easy and it doesn't matter who you pick, but I still want to know which units are strong (preferably to carry to the endgame). Side note: I don't mind babying some characters, but I don't like it and wouldn't prefer it.
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