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  1. Below is an excel file that I made when the game first released. It shows all the stats you can expect over the given growths and in individual routes. It also has all the character and class data inside it so if you want to improve over it you are welcome to and share it with the community. Do mention me if you find this helpful in any way. I assume you are doing a no grind run on the base game and leveling your characters at reasonable level (6 for villagers and 10 for most other classes with exceptions of magic classes, myrmidons and celica). Sheets Listed classes : Contains data of all the classes with their minimum level to shrine up and the corresponding classes they change to classbase : Base stats and growth modifiers for all the classes Alm-char : Full expected stat progressions for characters in the Alm route. It is divided on a promotion by promotion basis so that you can clearly identify that stat auto upgrades upon promotion. Villages have been added with both lvl 7 and lvl 10 first promotion paths. For simplicity, if you plan on over leveling your characters change the level values in light green and the final stats at the end should modify accordingly. Cel-char : Same as above, no faye and kliff as they are pointless on her route. TIER 0-3 : Sheets divided according the tier at which they are recruited (0 for villagers and so on). Each sheet has clear stats listed according to the promotion path given at the from with levels. Alm-anal : a culmination of all the data in TIER 0-3 of characters on Alm route. I have created some scoring parameters, these are pretty straight forward except in the case of skl and spd. Both of them are penalised heavily if they don't have the bare minimum required to effectively hit opponents. Anything above is not given much weight and improves the character final score much less than the other parameter. This is completely my personal preference on scoring the stats and you are welcome to use your own scoring parameters that suit your gameplay. All these parameters are compiled and reflected in the STAT column. Over this I have given scores which depend on the amount of investment I need. For example : Promoting kliff at lvl 7 into a baron is much more resource friendly compared to a full lvl 10 promotion (not that you will ever use him as a baron unless you are a madman like me, he does great tbh). This score also takes into account when do the characters come into the team which is quite important too. Mathilda is basically both the best character and best psuedo-Milf you will find in all the fire emblem games and this scoring parameter confirms this. Cel-anal : Same as above. Sonya>Deen, but deen is the best dread fighter. FILE LINK, CLICK TO MARRY MATHILDA
  2. I Used him on lunatic and started regretting when he was a lvl17 dark mage with 15 mag, So I did something awesome with him that turned out, pretty consistent. Level him as dark mage till 20 as dark mage>> lvl 2 as sorcerer>> level till 5 as swordmaster while grinding swords to rank B/C Equip levin sword >>mix sorcerer and dark knight till lvl 15 whichever way you please sorcerer being more on the res+ mag front while dk on the def+hp front, I went sorcerer till 10 (while nosferatu was still viable) then went dk (yay mag at 26) get life n death and / or swordfaire Equip Leo's IceBlade as soon as you get hands on it By level 10 DK ( around chapter 20) you are looking at 25 mag+14 leo ice = 38 mag damage from a frigging sword against things that more or less don't even have 20 res I am in no point saying he is op, but he fills a nice niche role for me and If you get two ice blade like me and name the forged weapon Lancercutter, he crits like a retard and truthfully did a lot of work while being able to tank 2 hits atleast before dying., He was very useful at oneshotting onis in the latter chapters
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