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  1. Just wondering how old Byleth is in everyone's eyes. While many people don't want to romance students because of the weird social power imbalance, some say the age gap would be weird, so while I think Byleth is in the early twenties, what does everyone else think?
  2. This is theorized to be because the option for S supports won't even appear before the time skip.
  3. I hope we get more than one choice per gender this time around.
  4. Since we don't know the most advanced classes yet and the way weapons work with classes I will simply be describing class roles. I will also assume each of the lords receives a unique class. As for Byleth, I have no idea where I will go, probably just fill in a missing role for each house though. Black Eagles: Hubert - Warlock aka magic infantry Dorothea - Dancer/Infantry faith user Ferdinand - Paladin Bernadetta - General with Lance and Bows Caspar - Berserker with axe and gauntlets or Hero Petra - Swordmaster Linhardt - Dark Knight/Mage Knight Blue Lions: Dedue - General with axes Felix - Hero or Swordmaster Mercedes - Priestess ala Fates so Faith and Bows Ashe - Flying with axe and bows Annette - Warlock maybe Dark Flier Sylvain - Cavalier Ingrid - Pegasus Golden Deer: Lorenz - Cavalier Hilda - Wyvern Rider Raphael - Gauntlet user either Fighter or General Lysithea - Bishop Ignatz - Bow Knight Marianne - Troubadour Leonie - Master of arms type infantry with physical weapons
  5. This makes sense to me. Over the course of your teaching tenure, you build up the monastery. Something reflecting the My Castle in Fates but actually tied into the story.
  6. I haven't decided what house or gender I'll be playing yet, and I'll probably decide who to romance when I get to know the characters, so get ready for an extensive list. (Yes, I know same-sex pairings haven't been confirmed but here's hoping.) Black Eagles: Hubert - F only Dorothea Caspar - M only Petra Blue Lions: Dmitri - F only Felix Sylvain Ingrid - F only Golden Deer: Claude - M only Raphael - M only Leonie
  7. Griffon Riders because... well... Griffons! But yeah I just really like the cool new mount.
  8. Now we know of the war phase of Three Houses, and what the three house leaders will look like in this phase, who is everyone excited to see after the five-year gap?
  9. Hey, everyone, I am doing a survey for my school major work. It's quite short so please take some of your time to complete it. Thanks. https://goo.gl/forms/wcYRRSQLniU5ssAr2
  10. Yes to the avatar, if it is akin to New Mystery of the Emblem in that the world didn't revolve around them and you could choose from a variety of classes, base stats, and stat growths. I also liked how the avatar was more or less just another character on the roster than the lead. Also, I'm down for S ranked Supports, but not children(exclusions do apply). If S ranks are just a powerful bond characters can only hold with one other, I'll love it. However, If it is for children I want no deep realms bullocky and something like Genealogy where having children made sense and you had to make them good because you couldn't rely on the adults you were working on in the first gen. If they do not have a somewhat tangible reason for being in the game I want no children units.
  11. Hello. I am in the middle of replaying Path of Radiance was wondering if anyone knew if each part of chapter seventeen counted as a stand-alone chapter in terms of supports. What I am trying to find out is if two characters participated in all four battles will they receive +4 to their support bond or is it just +1 like in a regular chapter. Thank you in advance if you can answer my question as I am wondering if I will be able to complete my Ilyana/Zihark bond for the data transfer to Radiant Dawn.
  12. With the new arrival of world of holy war to the game we can expect some new heroes. The only names that have been officially announced are: Sigurd, Deirdre, and Tailtu. However we can see a brief appearance of who is most likely Ayra from the first generation of the game. Since she is not named with the rest we can probably assume there will be more characters on their way. What heroes would you like to appear? It is safest to assume that any new additions will be part of the first generation.
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