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  1. Central Germany. Not exactly living in the prettiest city around, but at least the countryside is rather nice.
  2. Ah, well, I usually on lurk here on these forums, but I might as well share my characters here with you.. Celia: Think I'll start with her. I love using Snipers/Archers, and I also have a thing for girls with bows, so I couldn't resist at all. She turned out to be very powerful and ended up snuffing out the lights of many bosses in the game after promotion. Easily my favorite character combat-wise yet. I just hope that embedding the screenshots of the characters will work like I expect it to. :') Here goes.. Beatrice: Frail. But her A support with her husband usually allows her to dodge. If she doesn't feel like dodging, she usually is able to take two physical hits and that's the end of the line. Her resistance, on the other hand, let's her tank mages very well. I liked having her around. Foskey: Seems to be a little less useful than Aceline and his low luck doesn't do him any favors, either. However, he comes with the aforementioned A support with his wife and can tank physical hits where she can't. His resistance, on the other hand, is pretty poor and he shouldn't be sent up against mages, lest you want to see him bite the dust. Contrary to what his speed stat might suggest, he can dodge hits semi-reliably as long as he's within three spaces of Beatrice. Elaine: Well, well.. I see a lot of people praising her for getting magic quite often, but for me, she only got up to nine magic before promotion (In total), which I'd consider pretty poor. She feels a lot like FE 6 Clarine: Relatively low magic, but with dodgetank capabilities. As long as she has a Mend staff at her disposal, she'll usually heal up most characters just fine, but her offense is pretty poor, especially against high-res classes like Pegasus Knights/Falcoknights. Her high resistance speaks for itself, I guess. Odin: First of all, let me point out that I like his portrait. He looks like an.. mh, how do I put it? A basement hacker who sustains himself by eating KFC? Haha. (I'm not being sarcastic, I really like his portrait. Makes me chuckle everytime I look at it, so I kept him around.) His stats are pretty solid and kept him relevant to the posse, I usually use Berserkers over Warriors, but I don't mind him. Melia: As frail as you'd expect from a thief. It also doesn't help that a majority of the enemies in the game appear to be lance users. (At least I'm under the impression. I found her pretty hard to use.) What's noteworthy about her is her resistance, she's probably a really good magekiller if EXP is invested in her. I might train her when the next patch's out. Wayland: Oh, Wayland. He felt like a decently fast Sword Armor, and I like it. His only weakness would be his lacking resistance and skill, which leads to rather problematic hitrates. I'd recommend saving your Secret Books for the guy, unless mine just got skill-screwed. His immense gain of mobility after promotion makes him really fun to use, and I personally do not mind the fact that he's still sword-locked. Aceline: 16 speed on a Lv. 1 General? Granted, I used a Speedwing on her, but damn! She was incredibly useful early-game and was able to tank a lot for the posse. Her low luck makes her prone to critical hits, but she usually tanks those as long as her enemy isn't overly strong. Don't think I have to say much else, her stats pretty much speak for themselves. Algimas: Has been a liability before I decided to invest an Angelic Robe on him. When he got the Silver Lance, he finally started contributing a lot to the posse, and after promotion, he's finally as useful as the others. He's been a late bloomer for me, and felt sort of lackluster to me stat-wise, but.. I'm guessing that it's how he was supposed to be. Kamille: Low CON, mediocre speed and heavy dark magic spells.. well, they're certainly useful early-game, but drop in usefulness during the current mid-game, then after promotion, they regain their usefulness to an extent. The high magic and skill-stat ensure hard-hitting and accurate attacks. Lani: Awesome flier with very high strength. Her defenses might look pretty high, but despite that, she's actually somewhat frail. Her high speed ensures that she dodges frequently, though. If you didn't train her, Eliana or Cynthia can probably make decent substitutes.
  3. So, hey! I'm bad at introductions. Actually, I don't feel like telling you my name, nor my gender, nor my age. Screw all of that! You'll get to know all those things once you know me better. I don't like judging people, nor do I like being judged. With that out of the way.. I'm coming from Germany and I'm a Fire Emblem fan.. though, I'm not exactly as enthusiastic about it as other people. My favorite game is PoR, which I think is a pretty popular opinion on here. I'm currently pondering whether I should get a New 3DS with Fire Emblem Fates or Pokémon Sun/Moon. Other than that, I currently don't have any other thoughts swirling in my head. Alright. Time for a few basic things about me: - Favorite food: I dislike a lot of stuff, it's rather hard to please me. But.. I like pretty basic stuff, so it's also easy to please me, once you know me better, that is! (I don't care if that's contradictive.) To get to the point: I like pizza. Cheese, salami, and tomato sauce are enough for me. I don't like it when there's all sorts of toppings and everything looks like a mess. - Pets: I currently have one cat. His name is Tomi, and he's ten/eleven years old. I'm not so sure myself. I've had him ever since he was a kitten, and love him to bits. (Even though he prefers food over my presence, it seems. Then again, I feel the same about other people that I know, so I get where it's coming from. Can't blame him.) Hope it actually embedded the picture here. If it did: Lovely, isn't he? If it didn't.. well, maybe someone can teach it to me. - Hobbies, Personality.. etc.: I currently don't have any ambitions, sadly. I also don't have many talents besides being a sarcastic prick, so.. yeah. I'm not exactly gifted, or anything. If I had to pick hobbies to list here, then it would probably be gaming, cycling and swimming. Though, I usually refrain from doing the last two things unless it's summer, so most of the time, I'm kinda just gaming and annoying people on their Steam accounts because apparently I'm really charismatic and funny. (Don't let it fool you. I'm not.) Also, I hate emojis with a passion. I suck at art, by the way. The only thing I can draw are stickmen. - Favorite games: Well, we're here because of Fire Emblem, aren't we? My favorite game in the franchise is PoR without a doubt. (Yeah, I also like repeating myself.) I haven't played too much Fire Emblem recently, but I'm about to start a playthrough of Radiant Dawn.. blind. <.< I waited so long for this, now it's finally time. My first FE game was Fire Emblem: Awakening. And while it's not a bad game, it's probably my least favorite game when it comes to FE. I won't go into details here, since it's my personal opinion and I don't have to justify it here. After I completed it for the first time, I simply moved on, did some research and fell in love with the older games (Sacred Stones and PoR always stood out, in my opinion. Yes, I'm a PoR fanboy.) But.. I also play other games, and it's an odd mix, to be honest: ArmA 3, Skyrim, Starbound, all sorts of old games, Pokémon (Including spin-offs.. fangames, all that nice stuff.), DayZ.. etc. I also want to play Fates in the near future, even though I'm not exactly too excited for it. - Things I don't like about myself.. everybody's gotta be honest once in a while: My laziness. My inability to learn and concentrate on things. My terrible luck. The fact that I easily get jealous of other people. The fact that I can get very rude towards the people that I usually cherish. The fact that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. (My brain only works if it wants to. Most of the time, it simply fails me.) The fact that I changed so much over the last two years. The fact that I've gotten very bad at being a forgiving person. My low self-esteem. Running out of things about myself.. but.. I'm not exactly active on forums, since I'm pretty bad at interacting with other people, so don't expect to see me replying to a lot of things. I just felt like making an account in case it ever comes in handy. You never know! Though, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Don't be shy.~ OH, YES! I might just use this oppurtunity to brag about something, fufufufu.. Just kidding. I don't actually like bragging, nor do I like arrogant people. I just felt like sharing it, since it seems like I was pretty lucky. My opinion on Fire Emblem: Heroes? Probably 3/5 with the content it has now, hope they'll continue to improve it. But yeah, I'm done introducing myself. Have a nice day! Sorry in advance for any feelings of pain or cringe that my introduction may have caused.
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