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  1. You can just find the audio on, say, Youtube and run it alongside the game 🙂 For example this video, though you will also have to contend with clicking in the background 🙂 Also, they require some set up in order to be playable. Not much though.
  2. Well, in this case I put the "doesn't stack" clause to prevent it from being fully charged with QP + Ostia's Pulse/S Drink (or QP refine weapons), especially since Legendary Hector or similar armors definitely has the Def to make precharged ignis hurt a ton. In this case "doesn't stack" means that only its own -3 CD will work, unless the combined precharge is otherwise greater (From QP weapon refine + QP seal + Ostia's Pulse, or from QP + Missiletainn shenanigans) in which case in-built -3 CD will just not work.
  3. Hasty Flame (Special) - Boosts damage dealt by 80% of unit's Def. Special cooldown count -3 at start of Turn 1 (does not stack with similar effects). CD 5. Basically Ignis with faster 1st activation, but slower subsequent activations. I wonder if it will be too OP or balanced.
  4. EDIT: Welp, read SEVA's post.
  5. To be honest, pre-Awakening artwork of Tyrfing was nearly identical to that of Falchion. Even Awakening Tyrfing has some similarities with Awakening Falchion, though it's fairly different otherwise.
  6. Swap Places before battle (why was this not at start), Changes to TTs that made them MUCH more accessible (bonus points on fisrt 2 plays, +stats on bonus allies) and Combat Manuals were to me. Also, LQ data, cause my phone's 8GB memory could barely fit the HQ version.
  7. Felicia's also fits the lore reasons, given that Felicia's Plate in FE14 was a magic weapon.
  8. Hey, hundreds of Hinatas is a VERY GOOD THING because he is the only cheap access to Fury 3, and IMO it's still the best A skill for a lot of heroes. Same reason why nobody is worried about getting Selena or Barst since everyone and their mother wants Reposition, even if they don't care for Selena or Barst themselves. Now Gen 1 staffbots are a different story.
  9. TBH I just listed the skills that you won't be able to get from pitybreakers - as to whether they are useful or not, I agree with you.
  10. Holy crab... So, not counting seasonals, legendaries/mythics or GHB/TT heroes, we're never gonna see Fire Boost (Luke), Windsweep (Alm), Zanbato+/Wind Boost (Gray), Slaying Edge+/Shield Pulse (Saber), Heavy Blade (Ike), Flashing Blade (Mia), Hone Fliers (Hinoka), Slaying Lance+ (Nephenee), Rally Atk/Res (Lute), Goad Armor (Hector), Slaying Axe+ (Amelia), Steady Breath (Brave Ike), Mirror Strike (Sonya), Spd Ploy (Deirdre), Firesweep Bow+/Bow Experience (Faye), just Bow Lyn in general, Close Counter (Takumi) and Wrathful Staff (Genny) out of regular banners. Not cool IS, that's a shitton of stuff, and a LOT of it is still very much in high demand. And a lot of those heroes pretty much screamed "DEMOTE ME DAMMIT", like Mist, Azura or Leo. Then there's Luke who never appeared on a banner after he was added almost 2 years ago, and now he is even rarer. What were they THINKING? That was completely unwarranted. For other stuff - Pair Up being relegated to non-arena modes and on SOME legendaries only is blegh. Allegiance battle i'm neutral about. At least it FINALLY involves friends outside of VG/GC/Rival Domains. Aether Resort - Seems interesting, but it's the FIRST THING THAT USES ORBS THAT IS NOT SUMMONING (thankfully that's optional). Considering that IS has been stringy with orbs lately... EDIT: Oh, and that 600 Mb download will eat up whatever memory my phone had left. Low Quality, here I go? And the sad thing is, FEH is the only non-standart app I have installed. So much for 8 Gb memory :(
  11. Holy bejesus. What the hell IS. For me I'd like Sophia (more literally everything, but especially skill and con), Arthur (freaking crit evasion, thank god Veteran's Intuition exists) and archers in DS in general (why do you have the same movement penalties as cavs while having 4 less move?)
  12. Reverse Def/Res: B Skill If Unit's HP=100% (1)/>75% (2)/>50% (3), treats enemy Def/Res as if it is (60 - enemy's actual Def/Res) during combat. Infantry only Now that we're getting more and more unkillable-without-TA-or-effective-damage tanks (even moreso now that there's undebuffable Idunn), there has to be a skill to counter that. Also screws with specials that run off of Def or Res.
  13. Going Critical! Seal - Enemy Only If enemy initiates combat and unit is defeated, reduces HP of all enemies within 3 spaces to 1. Basically intended as a "Screw You" in LHBs on enemies that are usually killed ASAP. You have to Enemy-Phase them if you don't want to eat HP-to-1 for the entire team. Glacier Break B Slot Treats enemy Def/Res as if they were (60-Def/Res). Inverts enemy defensive stats. Counters guys like Surts/Duma/Idunn, but has problems against glass cannons. Also, i had problems naming those skills
  14. That's basically Sacae's Blessing. Also possibly that one of the weapons in 3.3.0 will have this effect.
  15. YOU are an armor. YOU are also an armor. EVERYONE is an armor! Arena breaker, since you need to have cavalry to prevent everyone from being 1-mov'd, and those are nonexistent on higher tiers. Even outside of arena, breaks every map where there is no cavalry. And also QR, Guard, Special Fighter and so forth... But not Bold Fighter 3. Why IS, why did you make this one broken-as-fuck skill not have an HP check on highest level? Alright here is one: Eye for an Eye - Unique - B If unit initiates combat, and their HP = 1, their attacks will always deal 100 damage, regardless of stats (but can be affected by specials). Synergy with Miracle, PP only to prevent abuse in case vantage ever becomes a seal, and hilarious overkill in case you somehow pull it off with Astra. Possibly shit skill, since it's B-slot.
  16. Try Ocean seal? IIRC, Ocean Seal is one of promotion items that Master Seal can't substitute.
  17. Blegh Duma Mythic Hero Battle is obviously the final map of Gaiden/Echoes.
  18. *Looks at stats* Hector with a bow? Why not an axe? Also lol'd at Karel's bases. 4 base health? Speaking of, who uses Binding Blade, since SOMEONE needs to to open Zephiel'sMarcus' room?
  19. Does the game call it a "wall" or a "fence" in terrain window? If it's a "wall" then it's indoors wall, which are impassable for everyone (though why they are used here is anyone's guess). if it's a "fence" then we might have a bug here.
  20. Well I got into FE after I randomly ran into AbdallahSmash's LP of Awakening when browsing Youtube. At that time I was burned out from action games, so I decided to look into something slower paced. And when I finished with that LP, I decided to play other FE games. Suffice to say, I was sucked in and spent a LOT of time on it :) Although while it was an LP of Awakening that got me into this, I wasn't actually able to play Awakening (and Fates/SoV for that matter) until maybe 2 months ago, when I replaced my ond 32-bit system with 64-bit one, and got a hold of Citra.
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