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  1. Arthur: A +2 special charge for him, but +1 to his opponent. Sure, it would probably suck, but...
  2. Well CF at least drops Chapter 13 (aka, the most hellish chapter on Maddening), and from what I saw, Jeritza is outright insane right out of the gate (huge bases, insane class with Counterattack mastery, Scythe of Sariel, and also only male character other than NG+ Byleth to get Darting Blow to become even more insane)
  3. Warp is not the only reason she's liked, she also gets THREE effective spells (Dark Spikes vs cavalry, Seraphim vs monsters, Luna might as well be effective against high res units like mages or pegasi), and she also has multiple nukes to call upon (Hades and Abraxas). Plus Mastermind means she doesn't have to spend most of the game getting those ranks (only about half of it 🙂). She has her flaws (no 1-3 range without a staff, Warlock is useless to her, squishy as hell), but she IS one of the top mages in the game.
  4. Speed+2 is not as great for mages, since you have to take them out of mage class for at least 30 battles, and thrown them into the thick of it (and most mages are made of paper), though you can still use bows to avoid 1-range.
  5. It's also only usable on an altar... which Medeus sits on. So still RIP Lena.
  6. Three ways - grind him down to 50% with gambits, rely on dodgetanks, or enemy phase him with 1-3 range of your own.
  7. 1. In Book I yes, but in Book II you also get Jubelo and Arlen, who both promote into generic bishops. 2. Definitely show it off, idk about overginiding with it.
  8. I'd say Mage Knight (advanced, mounted, +2 Reason/Faith/Riding, can use magic, class skills: Canto, Fiendish Blow, master skill: Seal Magic), Trueblade (master, +3 Sword/Axe/Brawl, class skills: Swordfaire, Fistfaire, Avoid +10, master skill: idk), Baron (master, armored, +3 Axe/Reason/Authority, can use magic, class skills: Axefaire, Black Magic uses x2, Dark Magic uses x2, mastery skill: General), and Archsage (master, +3 Reason/Faith, can use magic, class skills: White Magic Range +1, Black Magic Range +1, Dark Magic Range +1). Opinions?
  9. Kruggov

    Elibean Nights

    Alright, thanks for clarifying that. Still wish you had less memes on your channel, but it's your channel.
  10. You can still give him an Angelic Robe? And transformation formula changes again in FE11 IIRC. At least his level got reset? Buttt, yeah 🙂 Also, Mage Dragon. Hope you got wyrmslayers.
  11. If we're talking Maddening, then it doesn't matter how high or low your speed is short term - if you're not Byleth, Petra or Felix, you will get doubled by 60% of enemies, and it's debatable on Byleth.
  12. Didn't think about complete non-recruitment run (by virtue of lacking a Switch 🙂 ), but I did think of a run where you recruit everyone you don't encounter as an enemy or NPC post-timeskip. Which basically means that some are on every route (Marianne, Lorenz though, you have to beat some sense into even if recruited), some miss only one route (Raphael, Hanneman and Manuela miss AM, Ashe, Alois and Shamir miss CF, and so on), and pretty much every Black Eagle aside from Caspar (who gets an exception and is recruited on AM due to additional scenes his paralogue unlocks) is stuck being a Black Eagle.
  13. Weren't we discussing early game usefulness? Not to mention he still has Rally Strength, if you have a spare slot you might want to keep him around just for that?
  14. Did you forget that gauntlets are also brave weapons that really synergize with Raphael's huge strength? And if you don't want to eat a counter, what stops you from having a bow as a backup. Besides he did note deleting mages and snipers, and one of those will counter you anyway, while other will not counter at 1 range.
  15. Except he went way overboard in retaliation, which kinda nulls the excuse. I'd say both humans and dragons screwed up enough.
  16. I liked how the magic was handles, but I did not like the low amount of uses on some of the stronger spells (or when you're still a Commoner/Noble). Liked the tweaks to support white magic, it's much more reusable now. Also while i liked that they at least tried to make offensive white magic possible, I did not like just how inferior it ended up compared to black or dark (why is it that in all games where light and healing magic were combined, light ended up being barely usable?). And I also did not like the restriction on what classes could use magic, which made trying to hybridize characters much more difficult than it shoud've been.
  17. Only if she uses Wyvernstone. Divine Dragon form is not weak to bows, even though it flies. Max movement is 12, since you start encountering Wyverns with that much in Book II (gameplay spoilers, ahoy?). Oh, and they also have 1-2 range 🙂
  18. Actually... since TMS IS getting remastered, it's very much possible. And it would be a nice way to implement them.
  19. It also works differently, allowing him to reroll failed growths, rather than giving a flat increase. And it's not because of Blossom that Sothe sucks, it's because he can't promote and is forced to use the worst weapon type in the game. Because Hilda will get doubled on Maddening due to inflated enemy speed. Might as well use a character that gets doubled anyway, while being strong and having easy access to Rally Strength.
  20. Kruggov

    Elibean Nights

    And this is why I hate Mangs.
  21. Alright, I'm not using IPv6 ( Your IPv6 is: Not Detected ), but my edits are still eaten by captcha.
  22. Alright what the hell. I try to edit the post, and my edits are eaten by captcha? Four times in a row? Anyway Astram's GHB is Soulful Bridge (again) Also four Tactics Drills - Break Through! is Lagdou Ruins floor 7, Sacred Stones Strike is Scion of Legend (Owain's paralogue, awakening), To Create a Future Past is Future Past 2 and A Knight's Mercy is Dristortions (Radiant Dawn)
  23. Well, it might be if it's released somewhere around 2030 🙂 Tbh i'm waiting for it too. RD was my favorite of the games i've played.
  24. Agreed on not moving fliers and making them and cavalry unstridable. I already proposed removing Avoid +10 from WLord, it's ok on Falcon since they have no Def mod or growth. You only need to nerf speed growth on WLord (IMO WRider's 0% growth is fine), though you need to nerf speed mod on both, WRider should have -1 (+2), and WLord should have 0 (+2).
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