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  1. Surprising to see so much wonky character art, especially after how top notch the rest of the series has always been.
  2. Just pulled a Cordelia, and I see what people are saying about her face. If you ask me some of her features support her head being at more of an angle and some of her features support it being more directed to the camera, so I decided to play around with them a bit. Results for anyone interested: Normal: Directed to the camera more: Further to the side:
  3. I don't take issue with it being a normal standing pose. Sharena's is beautiful and perfect. I take issue with how geometrically straight it is. If you zoom out of Eirika's her legs look more like they're dangling in space than actually supporting weight. Compare this to Eirika's art from Sacred Stones where her posture is much more believable. It might not be that big of a difference but I find it quite jarring, as if the artist spent less time on the image the further down they went just because you don't see the full image all that often in-game.
  4. Raised from the 2* you get from the special map. Fight me. Maybe other units are objectively better, but Sophia works well enough for me. Admittedly I'm not into super competitive arena tournaments, but... Her high and matched def/res mean you have to use speed or WTA to take her down, she'll shrug off everything else. Dragon fang is hard to pull off but put her up against a speedy unit that does 0 damage to her and it'll become ready plenty soon. Lastly fortify res has saved my other units many a time when trying to take down powerful enemy mages. Haven't tried it yet but I'm curious to see how well she will do on a team that promotes speed advantages (Slow staffs, fortify spd, etc). Might rectify that 19 speed, might not justify building a team around her. Whatevs.
  5. Try doing Catria's neutral pose in front of a mirror. I can't contort my body that way, dunno about the rest of you. She has a severe case of "LOOK AT MY ASS. LOOK AT IT." which I find very distracting, even more so that she's one of my better units and thus I have to see her more. On the complete opposite side of torso twisting is Eirika, who seems to be unable to bend her torso at all. My bigger qualm with her is her legs in her neutral pose. Her whole pose is very straight, unnatural, and rather bland looking. Maybe it's just a personal thing but I always see females in contrapposto stances and Eirika's pose reminds me more of a man.
  6. To me it's less about the balance of the character and more about the balance of the skills he/she has. How do you counter the skill that allows a character to counter from any range? The only proper counter to that is to allow them to attack first and counter with your defending character. But if the enemy character's stats/other skills make them better at offense than defense you're pretty much out of options(brave weapons, bonus stats when initiating, etc). If you ask me the skills in this game are where the balance issues lie, any-range-counter being one of if not the most OP.
  7. Excited and surprised at the support for the Lady of Sacae, It's amazing to me how well Blazing Sword characters did when all I've heard over the years is how many people prefer or started with PoR, RD, or Awakening.
  8. Thanks for the responses, it's good food for thought. Interesting to see getting doubles like this isn't unheard of. Just sad that the only 5*s I have are the same character.
  9. So this just happened; Would it be a sin not to merge them for a 30+1 5* Ogma? I am pretty hungry for feathers and the one I just pulled would be 1,000 more... Or would you rather I begin working on a 4x5* Ogma team to terrorize the arena with? Maybe start with 3 being led by a weak character to surprise people when they decide to take me on?
  10. Overall a 7, compared to games in general. This is the first mobile game I've put a significant amount of time in but from what I've heard about other mobile and gacha games I'd probably bump that up to an 8 or 9 compared to those types of games. In terms of gameplay it is solid. Stays very true to the source material and only deviates where necessary. Lack of the ability to choose unit locations is fine to me. Most of the time the enemy will not advance until you step into their range anyways so you have plenty of time to rearrange your positioning. 20,000 feathers to upgrade a 4* is also fine. Means you wont see full 5* teams everywhere and gives you a reason to keep playing. The game is a gacha and not a trainya, after all. My complaints lie with the progression system, though that could be my lack of experience with this genre of game. I would like to be able to at least summon a character somewhat regularly after all the one-off orb allocations wear off, though I understand that is directly tied into their income. Worse than that is something I agree on with most other people, the stamina system. I understand if you want to make my progression slow, just let me play the damn game. My biggest complaint is in my options to spend money on this game. Until you spend money on orbs you're playing the game for free and progression is very slow. This is OK because I haven't spent anything yet. Say I buy some orbs. Cool, my progression has been boosted with a number of new characters for me to train. From that boosted point in my progression my progress continues from there at the same, very slow rate. This is an issue to me because I want to spend money on this game to support it but I see that doing so offers no benefit to my overall rate of progression, the main detriment I see to the game. Give me an option to buy overall faster progression. $50 to permanently increase maximum stamina to 200, 100 even. $25 to increase the number of orbs I get per day logging in by 1. $100 for a free summon each day. I don't care if the prices are exorbitant, I am more willing to pay for these options than $40 for 75 orbs. As it stands I'll probably throw some money at the game at some point for the enjoyment it's given me and eventually go back to finishing off new mystery before echoes is released.
  11. Well that's depressing. You're probably nowhere near it but there is the tidbit that after 120 failures to get 5*s the next is a guaranteed 5*. If you do restart though at least you're free to reroll as much as you need (I didn't even know about it when I started). Best of luck!
  12. Hello all, I just joined the forums and decided to post my first thread after taking some notes and crunching some math on purchasing orbs. I did a bit of searching and didn't see any other topics like it so apologies if someone has already done it. The options you get in the shop are confusing as all hell. Why is there an option to purchase just 3 orbs? Why is there an option that costs 27 dollars when there is already an option for 20? Trying to make sense of it all I decided convert their offers into something that makes more sense, at least to me. The following are my results; First column is the options the store gives you. Second is how each offer converts into monetary value per orb, in cents(US currency, sorry other countries). Third column is where things get a bit more complicated as I try to establish how many characters can be obtained per purchase. The lesser numbers represent summoning characters one at a time using 5 orbs each time(In case you're hunting a specific color or character) and the greater numbers represent summoning up to 5 characters at once(in case you want as many pulls as possible). The number following the "r"s is how many remaining orbs you'll have after using the rest to summon. Lastly the fourth column shows how many US dollars you're spending for each character that you're getting(more apologies to the other nice countries). Once again this is split depending how you're summoning, but remaining orbs are not taken intro consideration as you cannot summon partial characters. Phew. Ok, now we can get a better picture of what's going on with all the weird options the store gives you. As you might expect the cheapest option is the least efficient considering how many orbs you're getting for your dollar. Oddly enough though the second most expensive is the most efficient in this regard, squeezing ahead of the $75 offer by a few fractions of a penny. Spending $20 is also less efficient than $13. Moving on to characters the 75$ option gives you the most even cut, leaving no orbs left over if you stick to summoning one way or the other. Other than that it's largely based on your summoning needs. Lastly, dollar value for your character. If you're summoning the way the game wants you to spending 20 orbs at a time you can see that the more you spend the better value you're getting. Strangely though the people hunting for specific characters will be getting different values depending on their purchase. The $13 option is actually more expensive than the $6, which is tied with the $27. Once again the $40 just slightly beats the $75 so at least there's some logic to this chaos. Oh and if anything looks off (a lot of it does to me) make sure to double check my math. Remember, I'm just some hooligan on the internet who's not to be trusted. All in all though the results of these calculations surprised me and have given me a lot to think about before putting some money down on this crazy little game. Thoughts? Questions? Corrections? Lay it on.
  13. Unfortunately it is really all up to the random number goddess, perhaps more than any Fire Emblem before. If it helps any here's what I'm working with; Useful characters I've had so far; Only recently got the Ogma, the other characters in his team were probably around lv24 at the time so you can see how fast he caught up. His strength lies in instigating attacks but does poorly if he has to counterattack due to a brave sword and strength that matches his health. The Wendy(Gwendolyn as this game calls her) absolutely eats almost all attacks that come her way. Don't know if your Effie went the same way but she has surprisingly high speed and res for a knight, very good at holding enemies up and just surviving overall. I'm not a big fan of Cecelia but she does good damage with magic while being mobile and has triangle advantage vs colorless to boot. Lastly the Setsuna is for flyers(instant 4v3) but offers decent resistance against magic and it's always nice to have two units with some ranged attacks on your team. The selected Sophia is my main unit thus far- currently a 4* and brought up from a 2*. She has surprisingly high defense for a magic unit and her lack of speed is usually fine as she picks things off from a distance. (The other Sophia is a 1* from the special map that has the same defense as my 4* currently does here). Tactics Theory; What seems to work best for me is to balance out my team as much as possible, thinking about the weapon triangle, easy bonus effect damage, and what roles each character fills. Are they damage dealers? Tanks? Supportive? That sort of thing. Get a little of everything and you can usually take anything that's thrown at you as long as you're not out of your league. You might want to give your Ogma a shot. He has a lot of ways to increase his damage and that combos well with his ability to heal himself through dealing damage. Of course you have to keep in mind with your other three picks that he's a bit frail and can't take too many hits himself. Edit: weapon triangle is 20% to damage before defense calculations (AFAIK). This makes a bigger deal the higher a level you go. Personal Appeal; Then again I just like to use my favorites and try to find ways to make them work instead of worrying about 5* characters. I figure they'll do fine if I get them to a high enough level but I'm not about all that min-maxing. Once I can get my hands on a Lyn I won't have a care about what comes up in summon runs, and to me that's more about the character than the fact she's locked into being a 5* (AFAIK). A healer would be nice, but I've gotten this far without one and there are other ways to reduce damage and replenish health. I'm more about enjoying a new Fire Emblem that puts a different spin on the formula than fini-completing it. All that being said I hope you have a better time of things, sounds like it's been rough so far.
  14. It figures, I've gotten at least 4 so far =___=
  15. I dunno what characters your rolls have given you but Robin is quite weak to more typical magic users. Their high resistance help against his damage and their magical attacks are less resisted by his... Well, resistance. A manakete like Tiki would be ideal.
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