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  1. MC's parents are constantly travelling or working so they dump MC and his/her (egg of some sort of baby pokemon. One that evolves with friendship) on his/her older half-brother who is an elite four in region X. MC starts a journey under his/her brother's suggestion and goes to see the region's professor to get a choice of a starter (preferably not the standard three type: ie. not fire, water, and grass). On MC's journey, he/she gets mixed up in the cult mess and saves the world. Yes, I did not give any names for regions. MC moves from one region to another. The professor's name and gender is for you to decide too! Since this is your hack, you deserve to name it. You can chose any pokemon to fill in the holes that I left. What I provided is just a suggestion. I don't really expect my idea to be used, but please do give some credit if it is:)
  2. Sounds cool. Would love to play if you manage to make it. Will there still be the route split? I wonder who the lord/lords will be... Lyon????
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