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  1. Well, There would be two Morgans around. There'd also be two Robins that could compliment eachother's weakpoints. Who else do you think Chrom could marry if his marriage pool was widened, Same goes for Sumia, Who do you think she could marry if her support pool was widened?
  2. Well...This is atleast the 1860 census http://www.civil-war.net/pages/1860_census.html
  3. While I'm not saying what happened wasn't bad, It was fucking tiring to hear a bunch of fucking whinging about it. I am for the first amendment. I may not agree with supremacists at all, But I still at least believe they should be given a platform so they can be debunked. To censor their speech makes it taboo and more intriguing.
  4. Well, Damn Now It's sealed, I'm gonna buy it. Thank You all for the information.
  5. I'm looking into the PC version since I have a computer good enough to play it. But that's good that it's not just a simple 1 to 1 remake with some new polish slapped on to it. But yes, Please to elaborate more, I wanna know what has changed. This line alone makes me wanna buy the game even more, I've grinded the mission for Vegito's clothes so many times in Xenoverse it wasn't funny. there were even times where I'd end up well within the constraints of Vegito showing up with absolutely nothing happening Of all the times I've ever played that damned PQ I still don't have the fucking pants for it.
  6. So, I have Dragon Ball Xenoverse and I honestly want to buy the second but I'm slightly unsure about actually purchasing the game. To those who actually own it, How is it? How does it compare and what does it excel at better than the first Xenoverse game?
  7. Well, Even Kellam!Noire is technically the best as a Dark Knight, It allows her to utilize her magic and defense to their best potential while giving her good movement.
  8. Considering the skills you mentioned, Tharja is married off to Gaius or the Avatar perhaps. The issue with Gaius and Robin give Noire Multiple paths to go down with Gaius making her probably one of the most effect Assassins in the game. I'd rather have little to no questions on what class to be her in and instead make her a Sniper with little to no hesitation, And the most probably Candidate I can think of is Frederick, Stahl, or Kellam
  9. a dedicated Sniper/Archer unit out of Noire? I've been repeatedly mulling over pairings that would work well but I've always doubted them. Help would be appreciated very much.
  10. Then Archers would see heavy use in Awakening. What if Cherche didn't find the Wyvern she later called Minerva? What would her class be to replace the missing Wyvern Rider Line?
  11. I can only assume it's due to the fact that I've hit the caps for Yasha.
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