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  1. It would be best to start from Lyn's mode, but you can honestly do anything this is honestly all just for fun :D
  2. Ok so I added a few changes, including Nils' weapons and a couple supports(Hector+Lyn fans please dont hate me) Please let me know about any extra concerns or issues Op Blazing Blade v.1.4.ups
  3. Been meaning to fix that. Probably going to make them promoted classes so they can actually do something. In the meantime, stock up on barriers
  4. Hi there! So, I finally was able to make an op blazing blade hack! Changes: Maxed out stats and op weapons from the start bosses are upgraded with stats, stronger weapons, and some hold sacred weapons, which is sometimes quite a pain Some class changes, such as ninian(ninian's palette looks good on her new class surprisingly) and nils Excepting ninian, nils, lords, and some others, all ally characters are base class(can't have it too easy) vulneraries and elixirs with 30 uses rienfleche has 2-3 range now Douglas is an npc, not an enemy(playtested 25 times and he kept dying by attacking the boss or an ally) chests have sacred weapons,so get to them quickly some characters carry promoting items Easy as walking through a field of lv1 fighters with a maxed out swordmaster Things to work out: small glitch involving the accidental recruitment of numerous Douglases(almost worked out) finding a way to make the fire dragon a harder boss; it's almost always a OHK with a lord character and a crit weird glitch where promoting a character can give them multiple S ranks in weapons. The first weapon you attack with after promoting is demoted to A-rank, until only 1 S-rank remains. (e.g. Promote florina, then have her attack with a sword to keep S-rank in lances) Here's the patch:Improved OP Blazing Blade.ups Have fun :D
  5. i'll probably boost the hell out of the bosses, not so much normal enemies. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. So, I made another patch, almost exactly like my other patch for FE8, but this time it's for FE6 (working on Fe7) Same general rules apply- All maxed out and promoted characters Roy is already a Master lord Bolting, Purge, and Eclipse have 30-35 uses each All other weapons, including vulneraries and elixirs, have infinite uses REALLY lowered difficulty Short bows have 1-2 range- don't hate me The sacred weapons are incredibly overpowered, and the sealed sword is good enough to one shot zephiel with a crit(not) Bosses have upgraded weapons and stats Known Issues- Occasional small glitches Anyways, here's the patch:Improved OP Binding Blade.ups Have fun and please let me know if I can fix it! Thanks!
  7. Ok, so this is my first Fe hack and it's probably really bad, but I'll give it my best shot anyway. Anyway, it's called Fe OP Stones because, as the name suggests, it is super op. Changes: All ally characters are promoted and there are some slight class changes. All maxed out stats Bosses are promoted, but it doesn't help them much Overpowered weapons right from the start All weapons have infinite uses, including the dragonstone. Short bows have 1-2 range, nidhogg has 1-3 Sacred weapons are SUPER OP. Let me know if I can edit it in any way because I have very little experience in hacking :D Patch:Fire Emblem OP Stones.ups Have fun! :D
  8. I was editing fe 7, and their stats went from max to 3. Is that supposed to happen?
  9. Does anyone have a link to fe7if? I've been looking to test it out
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