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  1. I was wondering about how well the calculations for Shamir worked as well, or for any character that joins your party with an advanced class. For characters that you recruit, you have to assume a certain class progression since you don't necessarily know what classes they were before or what level they re-classed at. Most of my recruits joined after level 10, so I just assumed a beginner class for them that made sense. For any of the students, it probably doesn't make too much of a difference because they likely wouldn't spend too much time in a beginner class. Shamir is interesting because she joins with an advanced class, possibly before the required level of 20. The spreadsheet assumes that she was a Sniper since level 0 to when she joins your party. The expected stat calculations might not work as well, and we don't really know how the game distributes stats to characters you recruit later. I have yet to recruit Alois/Gilbert/Cahterine/Seteth, so it'll be cool to see how their stats compared to the "expected."
  2. There are so many things to keep track of in Three houses so I made a spreadsheet to help with everything. I suppose there could be possible spoilers for possible recruits if you use this spreadsheet. You can: - Plan class builds for everyone and see what skill levels are required. This was helpful to decide on character goals and what to lecture them each week. - Enter your character's stats/classes to see if they were blessed/cursed by RNG. See the probabilities of reaching a set of expected or desired stats at their given class. Determine the expected number of level ups to reach maximum stats. For a given character, compare stat boosts, growth rates, and projected stats for class changes. Haha I really hope my calculations are correct. - Quickly search lost items/gifts/tea and their relevant owners (or relevant characters for a given item). Hope this helps! Fire Emblem Three Houses - Calculator.xlsx
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have heard conflicting things about whether or not characters gain SP for kills after level 40. Can anyone confirm this? I'm wondering whether I need to farm for SP (from units 5 levels lower) before hitting level 40 in order to learn all skills. Thanks!
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