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  1. My display name is taken from Black Luster Soldier (Envoy of the Beginning), a favorite card to use way back in my early days of playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. I stopped playing that game in 2015.
  2. 1: Opinion on Harajuku fashion, if any? 2: What made you join Serenes Forest? 3: Favorite idol franchise that isn't Love Live?
  3. 7: Do you see yourself getting married in the near future?
  4. 4: What don't you like about Thracia 776? 5: Are there any YouTube channels on politics that you watch? 6: Any game franchises that you want to try?
  5. 1: Do you miss doing YouTube videos? 2: What made you join Serenes Forest? 3: Still living in Texas? If so, how's it?
  6. In FE5, Build/Con is ignored when it comes to tomes; the full weight of the tome, when equipped, is subtracted from the wielder's speed. Don't know why Kaga and IS made it so when the Build/Con stat reduces or eliminates AS loss for physical weapons >_>
  7. Isn't going to put his desktop for sale in the next few days. Also, not fond of the game with my favorite fictional character.
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