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  1. Favors the Fire Emblem game that mine is an interquel of.
  2. Has a listed location that is a reference to the titles of the Tellius Fire Emblem games.
  3. Favors the first Fire Emblem game that was released on an 8th-generation platform on a handheld.
  4. Favors the same Fire Emblem game as the person above him.
  5. Wearing the badge of one of my favorite Tellius characters.
  6. Using one of the fastest disk drives marketed to consumers.
  7. Wish granted. Enjoy that one day at Europe, because that's all the time you can spend there before having to return lol I wish I had my dream lolita dress.
  8. All the J-fashion clothing I bought. With almost all the cons most of this year cancelled (I only went to one this year), I have more money to buy cute dresses and accessories.^__^
  9. Played the other two Fire Emblem games released on the Game Boy Advance.
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