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  1. Happy leap day! Also, new PC get! (I actually had it working since Friday of last week, but didn't bother installing Windows 10 LTSC until today. I still need to get a new case and PSU so I can stop using the ones from my previous PC.) Edit: Austin you ninja
  2. Favors the second FE game to be released on the Switch.
  3. I will have a working PC by the end of this month.
  4. Can he block axes with his face and laugh at the enemy?
  5. Joined on Obama's last few days as US President. https://www.lolitawardrobe.com/hinana-rococo-vintage-classic-lolita-op-dress-preorder-9-colors-available_p4340.html It's the one in pink and white. Ill take a picture and post it later.
  6. Didn't just get another lolita dress in the mail.
  7. Welp, Microsoft has officially ditched Windows 7. Unless you have a volume licensing deal with Microsoft, then you can pay them to extend support for it on your devices with the OS installed, until January 2023 (when MS also drops Windows 8.1).
  8. I prefer the Weapon rank system because it takes the RNG factor out of what weapons a unit can use, as Fire Emblem games are already RNG-heavy. Not many would like how a high-level unit can't use powerful weapons/tomes/staves because of RNG screwage (yes, I know that there are manuals in your game that increase the weapon level stat).
  9. More people will buy gas as a result which will eventually lead to more traffic congestion. Blu-Ray films are great due to high definition!
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