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  1. I prefer the Weapon rank system because it takes the RNG factor out of what weapons a unit can use, as Fire Emblem games are already RNG-heavy. Not many would like how a high-level unit can't use powerful weapons/tomes/staves because of RNG screwage (yes, I know that there are manuals in your game that increase the weapon level stat).
  2. More people will buy gas as a result which will eventually lead to more traffic congestion. Blu-Ray films are great due to high definition!
  3. They're not good enough without sausage. Pink is a cute color!
  4. But it's not dirt cheap to buy! Lolita fashion is so adorable!!
  5. So now YouTube wants to eliminate channels that are not commercially viable for them. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. I can't even start buying desktop parts yet because winter Christmas is coming
  7. Motherboard and/or CPU is dead. The PSU still worked. Swapping the RAM around changed nothing. Taking out the video card changed nothing. I'm a phone-only casul for the next few months.
  8. I'm going to be at Anime Weekend Atlanta, wearing cute clothes.
  9. Likes a (somewhat) controversial Metal genre.
  10. Hopes for a crossover between Fire Emblem and Pokemon. But it's alternative fashion....
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