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  1. It's been a while too, and thanks! I got more dresses of this lolita fashion style (and himekaji).
  2. Knows that it's also the last Fire Emblem game that Kaga worked on.
  3. Likes the first handheld Fire Emblem game.
  4. Likes the first Pegasus Knight I (and many others outside of Japan) have seen.
  5. Am I crazier for liking Japanese street fashion styles whose target market is young adult women?
  6. Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, and Metroid Prime 2. Asked me a question.
  7. Hasn't played the first Fire Emblem game, its SFC remake + sequel, the game that his least liked Fire Emblem game is a remake of, the midquel to Genealogy of the Holy War, the last released GBA Fire Emblem games, the sequel to Path of Radiance, or the Nohr-centered version of Fates.
  8. Considers FE4 to be the second worst FE that he played through.
  9. Wants people to play the Mother series of games.
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