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  1. It could always be worse. She could have waited six months...like I did with a skirt I had ordered >_> And don't even get me started on using a Taobao shopping service. Nice dress though, Rezzy.
  2. 1: Do you still watch lots of anime? 2: Opinion on Harajuku fashion, if any? 3: What do you like the most about Fire Emblem? 4: What do you like the least about Fire Emblem?
  3. You have to use the XML file provided with the patch if you want to play this on bsnes or higan.
  4. Posted a fact that also applies to himself.
  5. You're more than two centuries behind the times lol
  6. 1: What made you want to start this site? 2: What do you like about Fire Emblem? 3: Favorite Fire Emblem character that isn't Sara? 4: Have you considered wearing Harajuku/kawaii fashion? 5: Have you played any fully made Fire Emblem ROM hacks?
  7. Thank you! I'm not planing anything anytime soon (at least for another 8 weeks).
  8. Finally decided to do another test fit, for photos.
  9. I guess I'll be the first in two days to nominate some people.... @VincentASM and @Florete
  10. 5: Have you tried Manjaro Linux? 6: What's your opinion on SRPG Studio, if any?
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