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  1. Mentioned a card that people want banned in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.
  2. 35 years old, and still here, although my activity here dwindled a lot.
  3. Made his/her/their (?) only display name change almost three years ago.
  4. Born shortly before Microsoft bought Rare from Nintendo.
  5. Pokémon X/Y. Let's just say that I was ruined by Drayano's Pokémon ROM mods that I played prior to X and Y getting released. I have yet to also play any other unmodified Pokémon game released since then.
  6. 1: It's the "Zoom" option. 2: You are using the wrong key command to exit fullscreen. it's Alt-Enter. However, be careful when doing this, because it's also going to treat it like you just hit the Enter Key by itself.
  7. Just go to the options menu when you start the game. The fullscreen options and the window size options should be among the first ones shown.
  8. Stop subtly reminding me that I am old enough to run for US President.
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