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  1. Haven't watched anime in years, don't know when or if I'll get back into it. Just too busy spending most of my free money on lolita fasion.
  2. These new-age right-wingers are trying too hard only to make themselves look ridiculous.
  3. Nope. It's still dead. No one wants to talk about anything anymore like in the days when we did.
  4. My home state's anti-BDS law got struck down by the federal courts who deem said law a violation of the First Amendment...thank goodness!
  5. I've become a bit more brazen with my j-fashion spending lately.
  6. Do not use the original (non-M) build of VBA. It has not been updated in over a decade and a half, and as a result, emulation of the GBA isn't good. VBA-M is a fork of the original VBA, but it is newer and more up to date.
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