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  1. Nope. It's still dead. No one wants to talk about anything anymore like in the days when we did.
  2. My home state's anti-BDS law got struck down by the federal courts who deem said law a violation of the First Amendment...thank goodness!
  3. I've become a bit more brazen with my j-fashion spending lately.
  4. No. I was wearing lolita fashion.
  5. Do not use the original (non-M) build of VBA. It has not been updated in over a decade and a half, and as a result, emulation of the GBA isn't good. VBA-M is a fork of the original VBA, but it is newer and more up to date.
  6. I've done this before. Now doing it without guides on the other hand.... To add on to this, bonus points if the soundtrack of the fan game is original. No using/arranging existing music from the original games or the stock SRPG Studio music (if SRPG Studio is used to make the game), no using/arranging music from other games or other media, not even any use/arrangement of copyright-free stock music, etc. A lot of Fire Emblem fan game projects and SRPG Studio games I've played or watched others played don't have original soundtracks.
  7. Favors the Fire Emblem game I bought shortly after I graduated high school.
  8. People who use Ad Blocker are a danger to small web sites and content creators. Doesn't have six lolita dresses coming soon to him.
  9. Speaking of which, on Chapter 11, after I had Chaucer silence Shakur, I had Lee attack him to debuff him even though the hit would do no damage. Lee's Deathblow skill activated, one-shotting Shakur regardless. I got a good laugh from that.
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