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  1. Map 18: Another map I don't get to use Touya. If only I had the movement to reach the bosses earlier, I could get him some action this map on turn 6 EP, but I don't think it's possible. 6 turn clear. Total turn count: 91 Map 19: Also known as the map where I get a 3 turn despite not having Valor yet. BOOYAH! Total turn count: 94
  2. Map 17: I forgot I don't get Granteed for this map since I took Touya route. =( That said, I totally get to make bank this map, making over 150k from this map alone, with Zeorymer really getting to show its stuff. Standard 9 turn. Total turn count: 85
  3. With the teams reunited, I'm gonna start a new post. Map 16: Fairly standard 5 turn. Took a bit more messing with turn 3 than I had expected, since Rose kept tagging my other deploys with its 8-range attacks until I opted to just use S1. Total turn count: 76
  4. Route split time. Taking archangel route because I'm pretty sure it's gonna be faster. It's a little counterintuitive, given that I have two supers waiting for me on nadesico route, but... well, this: Intermission: +3 mobility and +10 weapons on Skygrasper, 2 HE Radar on it, and the +10% and +20% crit items go to it, too. Archangel inherits the Nadesico's parts (modules too), and Granteed gets a chobham because it doesn't need anything in particular right now. Subpilot swap to Melua to get more deploys on her, and because I can't meaningfully use Bless this map. Kira takes reign of the Skygrasper, though the game might force him to deploy in the strike later. Map 11: Load up, Archangel flies out, Granteed goes north to kill the starting mooks, Skygrasper goes south to kill reinforcements. Ends on turn 3 EP, with Kira gaining 5 levels in one map. Total turn count: 53 Map 12: Long map, and I'm including images for once, so gonna spoiler tag this one. Managed a 5 turn, somehow. Total turn count: 58 Map 13: Welcome to RNG hell. Another hard 5 turn. Total turn count: 63 Map 14: Currently unfinished. With my current strat, this is probably a 7 turn, though. I forgot that it's a rout, so I'm prob gonna have to go back and equip Granteed with a Water Jet, which might let me push it to 6. Did I say 6? I meant 5. With some insane finagling, I managed to get this map down to a sleek 5 turns. Feelin' real good about this one. Total turn count: 68 Map 15: Final map of the split, and definitely the most annoying one. Every position here had to be incredibly precise, otherwise the enemies would just straight-up ignore me. What's more, to save a turn, I had to manipulate for an absurd number of crits. 0/10 would not recommend. Done in 3 turns. Total turn count: 71
  5. I went with Granteed, doing Touya route because it's only like 1 or 2 turns slower in the first two maps, but I expect Accel to more than pay for itself later on. (No, really, it takes way too long to kill two katonbo with only the Nadesico on calvina's map 2, despite her map 1 only being 3 turns). I went with Originals, Zeorymer, and Mazinkaiser as starred series. Map 1: Possibly the only time this run I will be able to use Mazinger without penalty. RIP. Mazinger moves in, being careful to not use anything that costs more EN than rocket punch (15 EN) so it has enough to clean up the reinforcements. Touya spawns, leave him in his corner to take out the batta. Mazinger moves downward and cleans up the mecha beasts. 5 turns. Map 2: Granteed placed as far left as possible. Granteed goes left and starts off with a cheer'd kill on a moebius, granting a level, then kills another on enemy phase for another levelup. Nadesico goes up, takes out a moebius with gain active and kills enough moebius on that turn to levelup. The levelup gives Yurika enough SP to cast cheer again, so Touya gets it again when he kills... whatever the name of the other federation unit is that spawns in this map, I forgot to check. Four more federation unit kills going over to Touya gives him lv5 and accel, which lets us rush over to where the batta spawn. Touya and Nadisco one-shot the batta and *eventually* take down the katonbo. Unfortunately, I'm two attacks short of being able to end it on turn 6, enemy turn, so this map was 7 turns. Total turn count: 12 Map 3: Granteed placed as far down as possible. Granteed accels its ass down to take out the enemies on the bottom side of the map, while Nadesico hangs near the middle. Ended up taking 4 turns to kill them before getting reinforcements to spawn, which feels longer than it should be. Took another 3 turns to clean up the rest of the enemies on the map, for a 7 turn clear (19 total). I might will redo this one. Just found out I can save two turns by going straight for Gale here. Lose out on a lot of cash by doing so, but it's worth. I might even be able to save 3 by getting Granteed to hitch a ride on the Nadesico instead of sending them completely separate ways. Intermission: +10 EN and Booster on Nadesico, +6 EN on Granteed Redone map 3: Granteed is placed as far down as possible. Granteed accels its ass down to force Gale to retreat, picking up as many kills as possible on turn 1 enemy phase with both Granteed and Nadesico. Turn 3, Granteed loads up on Nadesico and high-tails it to the top half of the map. I manage to kill the upper-right corner boss enemy for a chobham armor, and the whole thing gets cleaned up by turn 5 enemy phase. Total turn count: 17 Intermission: Propellant Tank on Nadesico, no further upgrades. Subpilot swap to Katia for the Bless bonus. Map 4: The map where regardless of whether you agree with saving Gale you have to anyway. Granteed starts northwest in the outer ring, accels forward twice, landing a hit on gale. Nadesico likewise makes its way up to Gale, but goes off toward the left to cover more units. On turn 3, blesskill Gale (since I don't have any reliable katonbos to blesskill on this strat) and have Nadesico move up to intercept the reinforcements so they don't blow Gale's brains out. There's a couple katonbo left alive, but they'll follow me anyway, so I'm not worried about them. Granteed advances with its primary focus on damaging the unhurt katonbos. Nadesico counterattacks everything in sight, pops the propellant tank and a couple vigor, and with two very lucky counterattack hits against the boss, we manage to clear this map in 5 turns. Also, Yurika manages to get her Ace bonus this map. Total turn count: 22 Intermission: I finally remember to spend my PP, distribute modules, and slap the HE Radar on the Granteed. Subpilot swap to Melua since there's no boss in this level and I need to get Melua deploys up to 20 because I forgot to draft Enable. Map 5: Another basic Nadesico and Granteed split up and kill things map. Between Melua's +1 move, the HE Radar, and Accel, Granteed barely reaches one of the tentacle mooks T1 and blows it up... which, while cool, isn't enough to save anything on turn count, unfortunately. Took a solid 5 turns to clear, and Touya gets his Ace bonus. Total turn count: 27 Map 6: Kira runs his ass to the Nadesico, N and G trounce mooks, more mooks spawn, Archangel gets in on the action, and Crueset goes down on turn 4 player phase. Total turn count: 31 Intermission: Nadesico gets a second Booster and its own HE Radar, Granteed gets a Repair Kit (which I don't even end up using), and Archangel just sorta cries in a corner since it lacks Accel and thus will primarily be acting as an additional source of income this map. Oh, and I finally remembered you can switch Nadisco pilots and put Ruri as the commander of the Nadesico. ...after a whopping 87 kills had already been poured into Yurika. Better late than never, I suppose. Also, +2 weapons on Granteed because it was *just barely* missing one-shots on the mooks early on in map 7, and +1 weapons on Nadesico because apparently a gravity blast leaves Miguel with literally 83 HP and I want his items dammit (which was actually unnecessary, since I messed up my strat and ended up using two rounds of missiles on him in the end). Map 7: Load up Granteed in Nadesico, Nadesico accels straight up. Nadesico casts alert (to reduce EN consumption) and accels up again to meet enemies, deploy Granteed who accels off to the right to intercept the soon-to-spawn gundams. Nadesico mops up most of the mooks, gundams spawn, and next turn Granteed walks up with Wall to take a potshot at Duel gundam. Granteed kills Duel on EP with O Slave, and also knocks two other gundams for a loop. Nadesico pops alert, snipe, and I scan each of the gundams to reduce their evade, moving close enough to counterattack the blitz while also shooting down miguel with missiles on player turn; Granteed casts trust and wall on itself, then takes a huge chunk out of Buster. On EP, Nadesico avoids using gravity blast until the Blitz suicides on it, then Aegis suicides on Granteed, and the Buster suicides on the Archangel, which has just been slowly moving up-right this whole time while occasionally killing enemies. Miraculously, manage to finish on turn 4 enemy phase. Total turn count: 35 Intermission: Chobham on Nadesico, Chobham on Granteed, Apogee+Sniper Scope+Stable OS on Archangel. +10 EN to Archangel. Subpilot swap to Katia, for delicious Bless against battleship. Map 8: Load Granteed and Aphrodite A(!) onto Nadesico, accel move twice, deploy Granteed and kill a bunch of stuff on enemy phase. Archangel begins the long trek toward Crueset's spawn (this is what the apogee was for). Nadesico Vigors twice, and we start chipping down the battleship with a support attack from Touya. Deploy Aphrodite and alert, then melee the battleship. Granteed self-casts Bless and tempest whatever kills it. Everything but one gundam dies on EP, which Granteed finishes off for the extra cash, positioned such that it draws fire from some of the enemy reinforcements as well. Archangel uses a ton of spirits (including guard, focus, and scan), and lohengrins crueset. Counterkill everything except like two mooks, and also counterkill crueset, clearing the map in 4 turns. Total turn count: 39 Intermission: Swap out Def+5 for Counter on Ruri and Supp Atk+1 goes to Murrue. Large generator goes to Archangel, EN chip and AA's apogee goes to Nadesico (dropping the chobham and HE radar). Map 9: Also known as the second time Aphrodite A does something useful. Granteed handles right-most enemies, Nadesico handles left-most, and Archangel collects the forced deploys and heads straight up the middle. Dagger spawns on turn 2 EP. After getting everyone in position, Aphrodite A deploys to let Archangel support attack, giving just enough damage for Nadesico, Archangel (+Granteed supp), and Granteed to finish it off with bless. Everything else falls on turn 4, enemy phase. Total turn count: 43 Intermission: Subpilot swap to Tenia, because I need damage this map, and Fury is the only steroid I can get right now. Granteed swaps its parts for Dustproof and Repair Kit, Ruri gets Hit and Run to replace her Range+5, and Touya takes the Supp Atk+1 Murrue had. Nadesico gets +1 -> +4 weapons; this is needed to one-shot one of the pig-like enemies on this map. Map 10: Granteed heads up to deal with enemies on the left, using the cliff terrain to minimize damage taken. Nadesico handles the right. Skygrasper makes a beeline right, while the forced deploys slowly work their way up-right to eventually reunite with the Nadesico. On turn 2 PP, Nadesico snipes to soften a pig it doesn't have the will to one-shot yet. On turn 3 player phase, Nadesico Hit and Runs the furthest back pig with a one-shot gravity blast to move into position to intercept the devil army, which spawns on turn 3 EP. A focus+wall'd skygrasper also meets the lower-right portion of the death army and softens them up a bit. We leave exactly 4 death army alive on turn 4 EP, which lets skygrasper finish one off on turn 5 PP for the devil gundam spawn. Shining Gundam flees to the right, all other forced deploys finally get loaded into the Nadesico, and we start setting up for boss killing, using Wall and Alert liberally. Turn 6 PP, a literally 60 HP Granteed pops a Repair Kit, Yurika Tires the boss, and Granteed and Nadesico start chipping it down. Next turn, Nadesico Vigors and Skygrasper+Aphrodite get in on the action, pulling supports from a Fury'd Granteed for a turn 7 kill flee. Also, Ruri gets her first ace bonus this map, and Touya gets his second. Total turn count: 50
  6. Thanks to Excellen joining, we will be starting the draft later today. Drafting will be done over discord.
  7. Right. Added map 34 corollary to the OP.
  8. Yeah. There's no penalty for deploying units that are forced by the game. I should add in the "until it can be withdrawn" part to the OP, though. Good call.
  9. I didn't see any rules about not being able to start a draft for a game with a draft already running, so let's see where this takes us. Normally, there probably wouldn't be enough interested players; I wouldn't have started this thread if I hadn't already recruited a few people. We're looking for 1-2 more players to start the draft. Rules: - This draft is for 4-5 players - New game (no NG+) - Puzzle Robo allowed - You may only deploy units you drafted, unless forced to by the game - Battleships and Banpresto Originals are free to be used by everyone - You may not select the Vorlent as your starting unit - Deploying a unit that you did not draft and were not forced to deploy incurs a 4 turn penalty for that map for each additional unit deployed - This means that forced deploy units are considered free, but only until they can be safely withdrawn to a battleship - On map 34, if you did not draft one of the forced deploy units, you may select one free unit for this map - Drafting will follow a pattern of 123 321 123 321 etc until all units have been drafted - If fewer units remain than the number of players in a drafting round, the remaining units will be considered free for everyone - The player with the lowest turn count at the end of the game will be declared the winner Players: 1. Leaf of the lake 2. Frozen Wrath / Scarlet Flame 3. Seraphim 4. Excellen Browning Unit list: Nadesico: Aestivalis - Akito Aestivalis - Hikaru Aestivalis - Ryoko Aestivalis - Izumi Aestivalis - Gai Aestivalis - Akatsuki X-Aestivalis Mazinger: Mazinger Z > Mazinkaiser > Mazinkaiser KS Great Mazinger Aphrodite A > Venus A Boss Borot Million Alpha Lonesome Supers: Combattler V Voltes V Zeorymer > Great Zeorymer Dancougar > Final Dancougar Tekkaman: Blue Earth Tekkaman Blade + Pegas Sol Tekkaman 1 Sol Tekkaman 2 Tekkaman Rapier Brain Powerd: Nakki Brain Kant Brain Brain Child (Kanan) Brain Child (Higgins) Yu Brain > Nelly Brain Hime Brain Nanga Brain Lasse Brain Baronz Iiko Baronz SPT Layzner: Layzner > Mk.II > Enhanced Baybull Buldy Greimkaiser Bloodykaiser Gundam SEED: Strike Gundam Freedom Gundam Justice Gundam Buster Gundam Duel Gundam Moebius Zero Sky Grasper 1 Sky Grasper 2 M1 Astray Strike Rouge Gundam Eternal Full Metal Panic!: M9 Gernsback > ARX-7 Arbalest = Bonta-kun M9 Gernsback (Mao) M9 Gernsback (Kurz) G Gundam: Shining Gundam > God Gundam Rose Gundam Maxter Gundam Dragon Gundam Bolt Gundam Rising Gundam Nobel Gundam Excellen: Mazinger Z, Layzner, Dancougar, Buldy, Tekkaman Blade, Blue Earth, Boss Borot, Lasse Brain, Nanga Brain, Brain Child (Kanan), Brain Child (Higgins), Kant Brain, Iiko Baronz, Bloodykaiser Frozen: Aestivalis - Akito, Aestivalis - Ryoko, Aestivalis - Hikaru, Shining Gundam, Aestivalis - Izumi, Rising Gundam, Nobel Gundam, Aestivalis - Gai, M1 Astray, Million Alpha, Aestivalis - Akatsuki, Greimkaiser, Baronz - Jonathon, Moebius, Tekkaman Rapier Sera: Strike Gundam, Combattler V, Freedom Gundam, Voltes V, Yuu Brain, Strike Rouge, Gundam Rose, Gundam Maxter, Duel Gundam, Buster Gundam, Baybull, Eternal, Bolt Gundam, Sol Tekkaman #1 Leaf: Zeorymer, Great Mazinger, Justice Gundam, Skygrasper no.1, Arbalest, Hime Brain, Dragon Gundam, Aphrodite A, M9 - Mao, M9 - Kurz, Skygrasper no.2, Nakki Brain, Sol Tekkaman #2, X-Aestivalis "Free": Greimkaiser
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