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  1. +10 Adult tiki vs my +1 LA!Lyn is the problem with a high res and high def tiki like that its hard to.... wait i was thinking of the dev battles on lunatic that was tiki was giving me trouble nothing really gives me trouble in arena unless a skill i didnt read beforehand kills me
  2. so what is a good counter to the tikis out there? unit wise?
  3. Well im building a felicia right now and she feels so underwhelming in arena with my current team of !LAhector !LAlilina and br!lyn
  4. is there a build felicia can use to counter dragons?
  5. what are some fast and easy strategies to clear the trials? i find myself rushing a lot of the time as it seems repetitive
  6. ID: 3126584165 Name: LightofZaun Leader LA! Lilina (+10 Blade Tome)
  7. How do I make this better? I wanted to get a +10 la! Hector but got +10 la! lilina instead. I paired her up with the br! lyn
  8. I sold my prev acc many months ago and just started back up again any advice?
  9. This was my deathless run this week :) quadsuna is a favorite of mine. I averaged 706-714 points per battle. also note: Julia +3 with minus res and life or death can tank a +10 rheinhart with deathblow and 49 attack. as long as he isnt given an attack buff then julia wouldnt be tanky enough. Ill probably add fury to julia when I have the sp.
  10. I have evolved a gordin to 5* 4 setsunas to 5*s nino to 5* marth to 5* and a couple others i cant really remember
  11. true whales will start emerging leaving us dolphins behnid xD
  12. well my y tiki is +9 so i am bound to fight 1-2 +10 units in arena sooo
  13. it wont be easy fighting a +10 ryoma tho.... I guess my y tiki can counter tank with quick riposte maybe
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