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  1. Welcome! As far as I know, though, the forum isn't based in Japan (as we all speak English here, haha) though I'm certain there are Japanese players here.
  2. Thanks! It worked perfectly.
  3. Mighty V

    Hullo! o/

    I've noticed that too, but I did use a few before and I haven't gotten any warning points, so I'm assuming it's just general forum demeanor.
  4. Mighty V

    Hullo! o/

    Welcome! There's a fair variety of subjects here that extend beyond Fire Emblem, so hopefully you can make yourself at home.
  5. So in my FE6 hack, I have a character replacing Merlinus as a sage. According to what I've seen, Merlinus is coded to never show battle animations even when he's reclassed. I found that you can re-enable battle animations for Merlinus by changing some hex numbers, but only for FE7. Is there a way to enable battle animations for Merlinus in FE6?
  6. Essentially, Fire Emblem is a turn-based tactical RPG. Your characters level up and use weapons and items like normal RPG characters, but you move them around tiles, sort of like chess. There are many games in the series, and as already stated, we'd like to know which one specifically you're interested in. Presumably it's Fire Emblem Heroes?
  7. All the great titles have already been said, so I'll give my (incredibly niche) personal favorites on the GBA (my DS library is quite small, unfortunately). Yggdra Union is the mutant agglomeration of Advance Wars, Yugioh, and Fire Emblem, all rolled into one. The mechanics are pretty confusing at first and there are some questionable game design choices, but it's still one of my favorite games of all time. Riviera: The Promised Land is a more mainstream traditional RPG, though it borrows from Fire Emblem's limited use items. A lot of the fun in both games is collecting all of these weird items that are either worthless or game-breaking.
  8. Hey, I'm also a 19 year old college sophomore! I'm not particularly good at competitive pokemon but I do lurk on Smogon, and I dabble in drawing from time to time. Birds of a feather, am I right?
  9. I've never put any real thought into it, but wouldn't it be possible to make any file unwinnable by losing too many weapons and units? Highly unlikely, but the fear is still there. Though I suppose unbreakable weapons and stores in the preparations screen mitigate it greatly.
  10. Welcome! Even though the fandom as a whole is relatively infamous, the people here are pretty chill. Enjoy your stay.
  11. Gonna contribute to the echo chamber and say Genealogy of the Holy War, just because the word "Genealogy" intimidates the weak minded. Though I'm also fond of Blazing Blade for the alliterative appeal.
  12. I see, I managed to get it working, thanks!
  13. So I'm sure most of us are aware that attempting to give magic animations to melee axes causes the game to freeze, since there are no ranged animations for the melee axes. I haven't tried yet, but would it be possible to simply edit the script of all sprites with axe animations to include a ranged attack? For my hack I don't need anything extravagant, it'd be fine even if they stood absolutely still.
  14. I hear that a lot of people like it when you analyze character stats and such as you get them.
  15. I heard that "rare" ascension mats (like those godforsaken crystals and lanterns) have higher drop rates than in fuyuki/septem/orleans. Is it actually true or confirmation bias?
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