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  1. By Sword of Seals, I mean the weapon, not the title. Will the Sword of Seals weapon be renamed to the Binding Blade? (or was it answered in your reply, then I'm sorry for asking again)
  2. Roy is a pretty popular dude around here, if you haven't noticed, even if it's only because of Smash Bros. I mean, if Nintendo is interested in making a Gaiden remake of all games, then I bet Binding Blade has a good shot. By the way, do you think the Sword of Seals will be renamed to be the Binding Blade if Binding Blade does get remade/localised?
  3. Will it be more likely to be in it's original form on the Virtual Console or as a Elibe compilation, or a straight up remake/re-imagining like Shadows of Valentia?
  4. Now that I think about, we'll see when Echoes is further detailed. If all of the weird stuff from Gaiden is there, then the Love System will be there if we get a Genealogy remake.
  5. I just want to get some opinions on whether it's possible that someday, New Mystery of the Emblem will make it to the West, possibly as part of a compilation or Virtual Console or something.
  6. Would the Love/Jealousy System be replaced by the Support System?
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