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  1. yo arc where tf you @, everyone's worried in EiMM and so are your buds that are not in EiMM

    also, Moxie and I are friends now, I guess

  2. Holy crap LOL That's probably the best nature for him... I wish I had your Nature luck ~
  3. You BEST have peeped Tha Carter V! ??

  4. I refuse to follow the crowd and nominate @#!/dev/haru
  5. Green infantry duelist was the best thing to happen to my Nino I feel justified
  6. Gosh... What's it that you like so much lol Is it Relay Defense
  7. I'm both confused and concerned? Whatever Anyone here like feh?
  8. I think people dont understand that only serious gachas that plan to make a ton of cash actually have a good story and all that other good stuff Heroes is literally a low effort get rich quick scam scheme made by people who have never made a gacha game before, at least to my knowledge. Expecting a good story is unrealistic IMO... heroes isnt even canon. And yet they probably made enough money to fund the next 7 FE games. Yknow why? Cause all people really care about is getting their faves, not some insignificant OCs + Anna (okay maybe a lot of people might care about Anna but that's beside the point). If you got a story like this for something you paid $40 or $60 for, then we'd all have a right to complain HEH Anyway, a little more on topic: Surtr is hot. That is all.
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