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  1. I probably can't make a pun for eveLee line in the update, but I will try extremeLee hard. FunniLee. MutuaLee. RemoteLee. FLee wooden bow. UseLeess. Leevel (pretty sure we already did that one, but just to be sure.) PLeease. Yours truLee. A Leetle lacking. ProperLee. BeLeeve. ViLeege. Pretty sure that counts as a Jojo reference, but i'll just Leeve it be. SteaLeeng. StatisticaLee. The Reinhardt Smiles. CrepiLee. Leead. FinaLee. 9. It's the first one in a good while, actuaLee. BareLee. VirtuaLee. LeendLeestLeengLeeshabLee. Bruce Lee. ProbLeem. MyrmLeedon. Yeah! Go Leeonel! Yes, we traveled to ELeebe. SeriousLee. BLeenked. SpeechLeess, even. FrontLeene. OverLee. CLeear. Leetle. MeLee. Brawl. Wii U. Ultimate. Sorry, but these stupid jokes are the only thing keeping me sane while writing this madness. BLeech... ComitLee. BarnacLees, bLeestering boLeecks! Eyy, good one. Not as perfectLee crafted as mine, but still. At this point i'm just sick of having to quote and scroll back to where I was reading, but here are all the rest of the puns I could come up with: ALeecia. Leegal. KnowLeedge. OnLee. Ever-so-slightLee. These ThLee images. Neat Leet.
  2. Yes please. SuddenLee, something entireLee different! He did Leeve! Oh boy, another lord with blue hair. Points for originality. Aha! Revenge is a dish best served cold! The long Leest [...] in Leeberia. I vote for Lionel. I propose Henry.
  3. A fucking r34 fanart of Pretzel and Morgan would've outsold the Tellius games. But I digress. This is the hole I came from! You already did! Though i'll notify you if I find a new favorite character. I will. Credit, props and praise to Saint Rubenio for the portrait. I know it entirely for memes, I haven't seen any of it. Beyond the memes, It's a legitimately great show. The older seasons feel a little dated, but it's still hugely entertaining all throughout.
  4. Well, obviously, Eugen is an extremely powerful wizard, so powerful in fact, he can communicate with the dead, though time and parallel universes. Read the lore. I honestly fail to see any purpose in the moneybag mechanic. Could somebody enlighten me? Bilford, the wild O. Now i'm never calling him anything else. FaiLeeng* FreLee* No. That is the most Kaga paragraph i've ever read. ...I'm excited and terrified in equal parts. Also, Leench* Plum, you must be the stupidest character in any FE game, official or otherwise. Leet's* Headcanon: The enemy doesn't take damage from the spell, but from the embarrassment of being hit with such a stupid-looking attack. A Leetle* At Leeast* Their idle frames makes them look like they're staring into your soul. Wonderful. I'm saving that portrait for future use.
  5. You're goddamn right. Damn, now I've got to look that game up. That explains why my luck with gacha games is awful, i've been accidentally giving it away all this time! Cries in Grand Order I have, actually. Who do you take me for? Oh hi Barth. How's your... brick life? General Ernst? Wrong pseudo-FE strategy game, mate. Black Knight? How many does that make, like twenty? ...What's an airport, again? Same Energy. No shit. Remember that the Japanese can't differentiate an R from an L. In the old translation se was called Lenny! Is it just me, or is Eugen way more aggresive today than usual? Gasp! Could this be character development? Not on my watch!
  6. Kept you waiting, huh? Happy Christmas and a Merry new year and all that. Achievement Unlocked! "Critical thinking" It took the rest of us over a year to realize that. "Filler-on-Filler Action" I've only heard it once, and it was pronounced "SHEE-mus". Though it's such an uncommon name IRL that I doubt anyone knows for sure. Is it too soon to say Lee is the Marcus of this LP? Don't you mean "To lose focus on your gLee?" It's another opportunity for Eugen to be awesome, of course! She looks more like an orange-haired Lyn to me. Yadda yadda more than magic my friend Worthashot counter is at 6 if anyone gives a shit.
  7. Version 2.0 doesn't seem to be compatible with MyBoy for Android. When I open MyBoy and tap the v2.0 file, nothing happens. v1.7 works just fine, though.
  8. At first glance it looks like a young Roland, but my guess is Al.
  9. Congratulations on finishing another hugely entertaining catastrophe. The Albertus reveal was unexpectedly epic (if a bit out of the blue, but eh). CGRuben Archeruben Rubemiya Humphrey's motivations and plan were also handled masterfully. Overall, the fanficcy plot is waaaaay better than last time. Also, you won the game! I would say at least you're getting better, but... Better luck next time.
  10. You suck at the game, yes, but your LPs are genuinely entertaining. Credit where credit is due. I found these comments in r/fe the other day and decided they were too topical to not use. If being the literal last member of your species doesn't make you a "special little snowflake", Idun know what does. Don't look a gift horse in the asshole, Ruben. We're supposed to be on the winning side of the deal. What do you mean, maybe? I thought that was the canon explanation. If someone actually made a Scouring hack one day, Jahn should be the prologue boss. Let's play Fire Emblem 6: Unlimited Badness Works.
  11. You've just summarised all of FE in one sentence. I know, FE 8, 9 and 10, but c'mon. Nice edit there. I haven't commented to this update as much as I usually do. It's kinda hard so say something funny about the 600th variation of "Roy is bad". So you made him survive ch21 just so he could get his ass kicked in 23. Simply brilliant. From now on i'm going to read every single one of Dolphin's lines in that tone. >Battle formation >Everyone forms in a straight line. Next up, remember to bring your pillows!
  12. You're still keeping this up? I honestly don't think Barth such a bad unit. What is an armorknight´s purpose in gameplay? Being a def tank. What is the thing that Barth does better than every other knight? Def tanking. Because that's what Roy is for. We need a r/zephieldidnothingwrong. Not quite. She gets +1hp. For the first 15 or so seconds I thought it was the pokemon theme song. Judgfirus had better be a fire type.
  13. Now that I think about it, people in some regions (North of Argentina) do pronounce z/th. Let's just assume it was the first one. Marcus, Paladin of Pherae, wore purple the day he was to kill a king. As for the Undertale reference... I've got you covered. She probably put on a brown cloak. Look, a typo. The correct spelling would be A WIZARD DID IT. Impressive, how someone's opinion can change over the course of one measly LP. Not mine though. I started this LP hating this game and I still do. I don't think you've made any TLP references so far. Just to be sure, though... I love this fandom said no one ever. Aaaaand the counter reaches 40! Congratulations! In other news, Sophia is useless and Igrene's backstory is sad. It's probably the Universe thinking Welp, he made it this far despite all my efforts, might as well give him an easy final chapter. Strap in for the true endgame though. Agreed, but that "someone close to you" line makes me doubt. It's not like Raigh has anyone else besides the virgin Lugh/ the chad Chad.
  14. No. NO. NO! NOOOOOOOOOO! ...I feel cheated. You're so mad that the background went back to FE12? You misunderstood. I was tempted to say something along the lines of "Fire emblem" or "This LP", "I", etc. Thank you. So what is it pronounced in Spain? Pereth? Peresh? I always thought it was written Perez and pronounced Peres. heretic ˈhɛrɪtɪk/noun a person believing in or practising religious heresy. He's not a heretic. He's just a asshole. 27 Mag + Nosferatu. Holy bongoes on a pogo stick, why isn't this guy Murderock's best general instead? Hell, I think he could even kill Murdock given the chance. You know what? I'm going to believe it. Nice catch! Generic Bern Druid is still best druid. Hey, what is your problem with Pent? Alright, now you've really outdone yourself. Sofisti-fucking-cado? He's a warrior!
  15. QEPD Lombriz. He was more likable than a recolor has any right to be. Also, you finally managed to catch a bishop crit! Hurray! It's tempting, it's so very tempting...but no. Look, Ruben. it's obvious you can't do this anymore. Take a break. if you go on like this you'll just hurt yourself even more. Please. Have some fucking mercy on yourself. It's almost as if you were fighting some kind of war.
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