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  1. Managed to get 5* Ephraim and Ninian in the same pull
  2. I've been really lucky I managed to reroll Lyn and Jakob and then I pulled Minerva, Cordelia and Hector in the same pull, I have 11 altogether. Sorry about your bad luck
  3. My team is not good at all I have Eirika+1, Nowi , Hector and Takumi. I lose a lot my last run I came up against a Takumi Lucina and Hector all +10 I can't compete
  4. Julia, Hector, Lucina and Azura were all +10 I managed to defeat all but Hector
  5. Is anyone else going up against top tier teams all +10 ? The cheating is getting out of hand
  6. I upgraded Nowi to 5* she's been amazing for me. I was lucky to pull a 5* Cordelia she's great too but Azura takes that spot in my team she's just too good to take out.
  7. Nowi or Adult Tiki, I still can't decide who will be my first.
  8. My Hector got low hp 49 and higher speed 28....really disappointed with the hp lol
  9. Is adult tiki worth making 5* ? I can't decide between her or Nowi
  10. Lyn Jacob Takumi Azura Minerva Hector Cordelia Cain Eirika Ephraim I've been so lucky I've managed to get 3 top tier characters who destroy in arena. I'm hoping I get a 5 star magic user or dragon next.
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