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  1. Aww, you guys are all so welcoming. ///OwO///) Thanks everyone. And thanks for not killing me for my strange interests. XD
  2. Uh... Hello everyone. I'm not sure what to type here. XD One thing you must know about me is that I'm a vore lover. Not quite a vorephile, no no no, don't get me wrong there. I just find it fun to roleplay. Make fun aof me and harrass me for it all you want, but I'm sadly used to it. People have gone so far as to tell me to kill myself for liking it, even. Why am I not on Eka's Portal, a forum made for vore RPs? Because everyone there likes it as a sex thing. I just RP it for fun. I just find it interesting. But enough about that, I am a huge fan of Fire Emblem: Fates. I enjoy roleplaying, as mentioned earlier. Even though I am a girl, I enjoy playing as Laslow, Niles, and Saizo the most, though I am practicing Charlotte a bit. I am willing to take a crack at playing anyone, though. I love to do RPs over PM or email! PM me if you're interested in an RP, I love all sorts of roleplays. I can also give my email over PM as well. I am also a shameless shipper. XD I am even willing to RP with boy/boy and girl/girl pairings. Other fandoms I am in are Pokemon, Hetalia, and Danganronpa. Nice to meet you guys, and I hope to see you guys in my PM box for roleplays! EDIT: Also, where do you go to request RPs, anyway? Is there a place for that here?
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