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  1. i ain't gonna read 250 pages to make sure if he's the only one posting or not
  2. I think after 250 pages, Sirius has run out of things to say. He won't mind.
  3. i do probably won't import it for any foreseeable future though expensive
  4. who wouldn't want to do a let's play they're pretty low effort and pretty fun to do that being said, the chances of me doing a FE LP are slim to none, but i've always wanted to do a SRW one
  5. also announcing that i have purchased FE14 and will let's play it if interest is there i can even make my MU glade is a joke
  6. yeah i think i have to hang up the cowl life's over
  7. i think a seemingly sincerely response like that is actually the only way to directly counter the melodramatic trite i posted i'm actually speechless, i've been completely outplayed
  8. you guys need some livening up or something, jeez
  9. hey i'm waxing poetically here you can't just ignore me like that i demand respect you guys use me as a god damn title now, calling people ninjis, but no respect for the original
  10. You know what's always been odd to me? Sirius'll link me something from here every now and again, and during that period of time when I'm checking what he's linking, I'll look around elsewhere as well. I always end up on my own profile at some point. Inevitably, there will be a new batch of people who I've never met who are the in the 'Last Visitors' section, and that, for a moment, makes me feel so ancient. Almost, bizarrely, mythical. People are still checking out an account I made so many years ago, one that has been all but abandoned. I wonder how they get there. Maybe I'm being melodramatic.
  11. i don't think i like you anymore god damn dangan ronpa 2
  12. no way in hell i'm playing the game, so feel free; at least i'll have an impact UFUFU ARE YOU LIMP - face rubbing conversations
  13. persona's alright man i mean strange journey is one of my favorite RPGs but persona's a lot of fun
  14. don't talk shit about lupin he's my god damn waifu u shit
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