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  1. You will have to equip it to work
  2. Ran +4 Arvis, +10 Nowi, +10 Effie, +10 Sheena. Had to downgrade Renewal Ring to Renewal as that extra 40sp brought me up a bin. Many, many crests later...I can now safely stay in T21. Fished for 742+ and ended with 3781. Missed one kill. Probably overkill but now I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week. Wary fighter armors are quite useful as they take out any doubling, making it easier to chip I think next week will be easier as people won't be able to run L!Lucina as a bonus so no blessings. But CYL armors don't make it much easier.
  3. If Alm doesn't get an alt before CYL voting, I can see him getting 2nd place.Reinhardt being such a meme might put up a good fight. As for the female side, Camilla and Eirika probably. Eirika mainly got shafted since her alt got released in the middle of voting.
  4. I DO! Never start Rival domains without the prefect music. I'm really glad they did this
  5. I think its a reference to Catria's poor spine
  6. I care! Alfonse is actually not wearing a bridal veil. Its a cape that is pinned to him by the flowers on the front.
  7. I finished my AA score of 5134. Phew. New record for me. +6 Effie is starting to pull her weight. I saw my first 740 team which was cool. I also saw a 738 horse team. Found that to be a bit unnerving as if it was wind season, that team would be 744. Also Gunnthra is scary with all the new chilling skills. There is just no way to avoid the debuffs. Meanwhile my arena score is 5104 which is well into T20. Chrom is very fun to use and I enjoy one shotting Faes, Grimas, and Myrrhs. Very satisfying.
  8. Just gave Nino a water blessing for the missions. Nino would enjoy the speed boost I will probably also give Eirika water blessing when the new mode comes. It seems like she would also enjoy the boost. As for the others? Haven't quite decided. I feel like a lot of fast swords would enjoy a speed boost over any others which doesn't give me a whole lot of choice
  9. I'm so confused on scoring. Last week I got 5102 with my team. Fast forward to this week, added 1 merge and got 5082 and 5086. Then I added yet another merge and this time scored 5116. Seems like variance is at an all time high
  10. Depends on the builds and IVs for Hardin. He has superbane in spd and hp which affect his bst bin. Assuming Hardin is not -spd or -hp, Alm needs 200 more sp to score the same as Hardin. However the difference between the two might not even be noticeable depending on your team mates scoring as Hardin's increase in score may not necessarily push you to the next bin
  11. Tier 20 score of 5098 with +7 Nowi, +10 Nino, +10 Eirika, and VLyn. Still safely within the threshold even with the recent score jump. Meanwhile AA is still in top 3k at 5102. I really need to find a way to increase my AA score. Currently merging up Effie tho she is only +1 right now. But already she has almost the same amount of points as +4 Ryoma due to the skills she has inherited.
  12. I'm slightly sad that Takumi lost. But now Leo ain't that lonely. But can we take a moment to appreciate that Shanna took the win during the last hour without a multipler helping her?
  13. This week Nino is now +6! Got a deathless score of 4964. I'm happy with this run since I was able to do it on my first try despite running into 2 fully merged ranged horses + bonus teams. One of them was even on the damn boat map.
  14. When the transit just doesn't show up or is extremely late. There's a display thing at the station that tells us when the next transit will arrive. It updates in real time. So it should be accurate. Except sometimes they don't show up. Like it showed up every Friday at 6:03 before. Why were you not there last week? Had to wait an extra 30 min in the cold...
  15. I'm going to run my +1 Arvis. Can't wait to use my ploy boy!
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