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  1. Once again I would love to say thank you to everyone who has worked tirelessly on this project! Its by far one of my favorite titles and I am grateful for being able to play it in a format that stays true to its original content! I will of course always come back to check on all future updates to support the team!
  2. Hi! Just a few quick questions for future reference, if you own the special edition its safe to skip out on patching the Hoshidan and Nohrian dlc paths right? does it save time? and also just patching one of the Invisible Kingoms
  3. Hello! First of all I want to thank everyone on team if for continuing to work on this project! I noticed a few errors while playing as the female avatar during my run of the Nohr path and other oddities - the voice I picked is called Proud In chapter 8 while she and Cyrus are in the snow she mentions Felicia saying it gets colder the closer they get to the tribe. I'm pretty sure this was a copy paste from the male one and it should have said Joker In chapter 12 one of Garon's lines goes "Kamui's soul... his flesh and blood." male pronoun used. In chapter 14 a line is forcefully skipped to the next text box "I heard about it from" skipped followed by "the rainbow sage when" chapter 20 has Fuuga misspell Brynhildr chapter 21 towards the end Kamui has an untranslated line - might have something to do with picked voice In chapter 22 Yukimura when warning Sakura refers to Kamui as lord instead of lady - also weird skip in text when Kamui confronts Tsubaki chapter 24 has an japanese line from her along with english in the same sentence, might be because of voice pick - also skip in text between Kamui and Hinoka In endgame Takumi says he will never wake up again, referring to female Kamui - also Suzukaze's motivation quote refers to her as lord Kamui instead of lady. once the final boss has been defeated I noticed japanese text along with english being said by her - again might be because of the voice I picked. In Cyrus' S support with Camilla he repeats "a bit" twice Asura, Harold and Izana each have a blank touch box show up during their marriage skinship minigame not sure if intentional or not but one of Odin's marriage skinship phrase has eyes spelled as eeeyes. Putting it here in case! Finished the Nohrian kingdom path today and this is all I found! I plan on starting the Hoshido path next week and might make a list again since I'll be playing female again
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