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  1. I was about to comment this. Sounds awesome, and heroes is the first mobile game getting representation in smash. Nice.
  2. It isn't exclusive though. It's inheritable and It's a plain generic improvement over the old DB3 with no drawbacks. I do not like it.
  3. I do not like reclassing, I keep characters as they are and just promote them( I am always like this). It's for the bonuses, wich honestly isn't a big thing in this game compared to Awekining. I ended up dumping both, they just couldn't catch up with the royals. CH 22's reifnorcements were ridiculous( and again, no warining), I had to restart many times and rethink my strategy. My army is missing units now, 2 or 3. I'm on paralogue 16 now for forrest( Nyx is the mother, yay magic growth), he will take one of the spots, Xander's son (with Azura) will take other. Loving the child system in this game, they are recruited with their level based on the chapter you are, that's awesome if you have been lacking good units. Trying Nilas and Elise now, but they are still on C support... Selena can already marry Arthur but I am not sure. Out of the royals, only Selena , Elfie( most reliable unit in the game lol) and Nilas(damn he is a killing machine with that speed) are properly leveled. The others will be dumped and are only being used for supporting and making childs. The royals are just too easy to use and too good to not be used. Not only they come with good levels and stats, they also come with their own strong weapons and can use dragon veins, wich is crucial for later chapters. Playing hard for the first time, there is no reason to not use them. It kinda reminds of the royal laguz from Radiant Dawn.
  4. Off topic, but I'm thinking about dumping silas for his daughter Sophie (Elfie is the mother). Her skills look better, but stats are overall the same, but less supports, I don't know what to do :(
  5. Yes, i know Birthright can be farmable as awakining, but that can be avoided if you want. I did not do a single skirmish in Awekining. The pair up mechanic in fates is a lot more balanced, I do not expect Birtgright to be as broken as awekining. Either way I will be playing on hard. It also seams like fates punishes you for using overleved units by giving a lot less exp than Awekining, so that probably will not be a concern for me this time. Hard was a bit too much for a first blind run, I restarted ch 10( the one were you have to defend) way too many times, but it is doable with the roght strategy. Still easier than Thracia 776 wich I abused save states lol. I always do normal first, this is my first time starting on hard before normal, and I blame Awekining for that LOL.
  6. I did replay the chapter and completed it on mt first retry after that, so strategy was everthing. I approached through the west instead, so the reinforcements couldn't reach me in the same turn I face the boss. And no, I don't play thinking of aggro. I tried killing all of them, but an atack was missed and 2 cavaliers were left. And since this game 2 enemies are basicaly 4, it can get damgerous quickly. Kana died( was not paired up). So it was more or less my fault for taking the risk. I'm completing chapters with as few turns as possible and not farming anything to avoid the overleveleving problem I had in Awekining. Though I AM exagerating a bit here. I just wanted to point my critical, I am not really salty or anything ( although I did get when I had to restart the chapter lol). I am loving the game) , it's just a nitpick here really.
  7. I am well aware of that, Iplayed every FE with the exeption of the NES and 3ds games. That is a old game, those games didn't age so well for a reason. Fates is a new game, and after the improvement they did in awekining, I expected nothing less.
  8. I have played thracia just before awekining, and yup, that games is cheap. not dificult, the enemeis are weak, but the little surprises just make you restart the chapter. And yes, I was well aware of Awekining's reinforcements on hard, I was on a blind run with no guides and decided to play on normal for that reason. Turns out being the easiest FE I have ever played with broken pair up and reclassing. And I didn't do a single skirmish, I was actualy trying not to ovelrlevel my characters by using others during side chapters. For that reason I picked fates directly on hard( I always play on normal first), and god, that game is GOOD and actualy balanced, and I am getting my ass kicked for not checking enemy skills, but I am learning. My only complain is the lack of warnings, the enemies are silent, kinda miss that from awekining.
  9. OK, my first time playing fates. I'm on conquest hard mode on chapter 13. I aproach the boss to bait and kill, then a bunch cavalier appear right in range of my units while the boss was still alive with the wivern riders by his side. I don't have enough units to be able to one turn ko all of the and some units were left defenceless truing to ko them (thank you 80% hit rates) and dying. I just played awakining for my first time on nomral, and while it was a bit too easy( thankfuly fates is a lot more balanced), it felt fair as the games warn you of reinforcements. In Fates? No clue of, not even forts in that chapter. Big step back in my opnion. Or am my missing something for skipping normal mode?
  10. Rinneck's speed is only 10, I should be able to capture. and staves have no weight( or they do and it's a hidden stat I am not aware) Edit: didn't even see staves had weight, didn't see your last sentence, sorry. Thank you, unfortunately I won't be able to steal it as Tina's is still lv 1. I'm screwed.
  11. OK, Pahn's speed is higher than Rinneck (boss), why can't he steal the berseck stave? He also couldn't steal a warp stave from a dancer before. Help please.
  12. OK, I never got to own a 3ds, and could only borrow one from a girlfirend I had. That been said, I just found this Citra emulator and decided to try it. Worked really weel for Fire Emblem Awekining, but there seem to be a lot of lag during cutscenes. Funny because I play the game in 720p just fine, with only small lags on loading times. Anyone with experience using Citra here, and know how to set the emulator optmized for these games? I'm planning on playing Fates and Echoes too. Hopefuly those games will hold me until Treee houses.
  13. Got fjorm, she comes with the water season buff already. Also Xander and Corrin.
  14. I got confused by the "today". I live in a different time zone. Thanks.
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