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  1. There is patch for branched promotion. I discovered a few days ago
  2. I put it in gringe translation with heroes names (pikmin patch) and before the battle starts, the game freezes and shuts down (in ips version)
  3. @CapibarainspaceDo you already have all the portraits of fe6 in fe8 colors?
  4. But do you plan to translate the script of the history and dialogues of Thracia? I say it because I really like the typeface you use for Thracia.
  5. Do you have the latest version of Genealogy of Neir?
  6. I think it can, but it requires SNEStuff, I will not give the instructions in this post without the permission of ChimeraHardline (I have not tried it, but I think it can theoretically work)
  7. Tequila, there is a bug in the link arena that is when you go to look at the menu of the character, the game freezes but the music is still playing
  8. Is it normal that some units do not have the green HP? (It is marked with a circle)
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