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  1. Hi, i m not really sure if it s the place for that or not, i m pretty new to this forum but i have some questions. First i need to ask something that might be pretty dumb, but am i the only one who just get lost with all the things to do for the patch? I mean maybe it s because i m not a native english but i just feel overwhelmed with a LOT of things.. Second question, is the game cause problem with the translation already done? It mean, all the story is done but support is really important in the FE series and i m wondering if the things not translate yet are really that big or not? Third and last, my girlfriend started to play at the EU version and she feel like Nohr is "absolute evil", i know that localization change a LOT of things (hi to Saizou/Beruka support) and i m curious if the japanese game is more "neutral" about it. I must say first of all i didnt play the game at the moment (need to end awakening and i really want the japanese dub for fate..) so maybe her & I are wrong and it will come a time where the game wont let us think we are guilty to follow the Nohr Path. About that last question i m also curious if there is some website talking about the way character are in the japanese game.
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