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  1. Pretty sure it lasts until the end of the enemy phase, that or my whole life has been a lie.
  2. I've been hearing rumours, and I apologize if this has been asked before, but does Light Breath's buff operate differently from Rally/Hone/Fortify skills? I heard the new upgraded version only lasts the current turn, and won't last through the (if buffed during your own turn) opponent's turn like the prior-mentioned skills. On that note, just to be absolutely sure, I can theoratically pick multiple upgrades of the same weapon on the same character and there won't be any problems, right? It'll just be treated as different weapons at the end of the day and they won't 'replace' one another or something?
  3. I run a Dragon Emblem team myself, and I feel like +Spd is the way to go. I generally consider 3 Spd to be way more valuable than 2 Atk, and probably better than 4 Def or Res. My Nowi is sitting at 45 Spd as we speak, and it's really nice how basically no one can double her (especially with Ninian support boosting her to 51 Spd). Although admittedly Adult Tiki is slow enough that you probably shouldn't bother with +Spd on her, and if I were you I'd probably instead run +Res to patch up that weak point. If you aren't interested in running +Spd for Fae, I'd run +Def on her for the exact same reasons (I'm strongly considering that for my own Fae, even). I'd only really recommend +Atk if you have QR on Nowi or something, because otherwise she's in a Spd threshold where every little bit can save her from a lot of doubles. Do keep in mind this is all subjective and is probably biased by the natures my manaketes happen to have.
  4. I'm going to take a guess that it was me. In fact I'm 99% sure it was me. So I really apologize about that. In hindsight, yeah, maybe that topic was rather dark and made light of real situations a bit too much. I sincerely apologize about it, and I thank you for even taking the time to delete that post (I would have asked you to do it if you didn't already). It wasn't a good idea now that I take some time to think about it, and I legitimately feel a bit bad about finding it funny. But yeah, I'm actually pretty thankful that you pointed it out. I don't think I would have thought too much about the implications unless someone explicitly pointed it out to me like you did.
  5. I certainly must stamp my seal of approval on this. That is quite the well-written piece of poetry that you've got there. I'm so glad we have an official team anthem now All of you should join Team Julia. We have the best theme song now. EDIT: Why do we not have a Julia emoticon on this forum!?
  6. Young Tikiiiiiiiiiii~ And Niniaaaaaaaaaan~ Which is funny because I spent way more effort getting my Nowi to 40+10 since she's the only one I can actually work towards that goal for. Tiki and Ninian basically boil down to whaling or being ridiculously lucky to hit 40+10 with. Also, if we're talking about dragons not in-game yet, I'm pretty fond of Nagi and Idunn.
  7. Well, you still compiled it rather neatly if I say so myself. Honestly speaking, I'm the type to write out huge chunks of text that are an absolute drag to read through. So I do feel impressed when someone manages to get all the important points across in a neat and concise paragraph. So yeah, I feel like you did pretty good there! Also, that seems pretty interesting regarding the wiki. So you're a regular there? And you're one of the main writers? That's pretty neat, I didn't think one of the wiki writers would be a regular here. Feels cool getting to know someone like that. Your Sprite Assembly thread was definitely a neat concept too. I was almost considering making a request myself, but I have no idea what kind of poses I'd want from the dragons. But I've seen some of the work churned out by that thread, and I can say that I'm might impressed by them! Well, I can definitely understand the desire to raise a variety of units. I really wanted to make a Flier Emblem team and get around to raising my +Atk/-Def Kagero and +Spd/-Def Nino. But I was forced to ignore all of them in favor of getting my Nowi to 40+10, because I simply wanted to accomplish that one goal for the longest time. It feels satisfying now that I've finally did it, but I can certainly say I've been inconvenienced on certain occasions by not having a variety of units. But still, it makes me feel super proud to have a 40+10 on my team when I spent less than $100 on the game, and I can certainly tell you it's a good feeling as a semi-F2P player. If you're really unsure about it, you can just drag out your goal by a few months. Work on the Adult Tiki when you get the chance, while still maintaining a flexible variety of units. To be fair, I sent so many units home before I knew Skill Inheritance was a thing, and I really regret some of my decisions now.
  8. Oh wow, congrats on your pull there! It's not an Azura or Ninian, but hey, it's Hector. That's still a really nice pull you got there. Also, I'm not the best analyst ever for non-dragon units, but +Spd/-Res actually sounds pretty good for an Armor Emblem team. Hector gets +4 Speed with that boon, and while 28 Speed isn't amazing it does save him from a number of doubles. I think such a nature would work best with an Armor Emblem team, where a single buff can bring it up a way better 34 Speed. It'd definitely work I think, if you're ever planning on that kind of long-term goal. As for +Res/-Def, I believe that would work better if you're using him as a standalone. He has way more than enough Def, and Res is what his lacking. So that nature is certainly decent by itself. I would use that if you're not planning on an armor emblem team. Of course, someone more knowledgeable might want to chip in if I'm getting ahead of myself here. Either way, congrats on your Hector! I'm glad you got something out of the banner!
  9. Come on, join Team Julia. You know you want to. You even have a 40+10 of her. How could you say no to that silky white hair and dragon-based magic abilities!? Even if I really hate her when going against her @Arcanite If you're still open to being brainwashed taking suggestions, why not join Team Julia? Your friend @MaskedAmpharos will be over here too, and in fact the entire Strategists Three should come over here so that they can remain united! Resident super-whale Ice Dragon will probably be here after enough begging requests by me to join the team, hopefully, so there's that to consider as well. It'll be like a team of super friends! Plus you seem to be strongly considering Male Robin too, and we all plan on jumping ship to his side if Julia does somehow miraculously lose. So you can totally join us and then if things don't work out, we'll follow you to his side! Come on, you know you want to. We have Oboro-shaped cookies too.
  10. Completely off-topic, but I must throw it out there that your signature is simply lovely.
  11. Goodnight to both of you then! Also I'm tempted to slightly whale on this banner. I know I shouldn't, but it's so good. It lasts long enough that my self-restraint probably won't be enough to keep me from doing it. Expect me doing tons of pulls in a week or so. It wouldn't surprise me if I blew another $75 at this rate.
  12. An idea? Sounds interesting, but I'm guessing you'll keep that plan top secret until you're ready to unleash it on the world. Yeah, I feel like strong faith somehow works out for me in the end. I know it doesn't work for everyone, and some will be disappointed by clinging onto that hope, but I've been one of the few to be really fortunate instead. Either way, I'm glad that you finally got Ike! He's a really popular unit and we've all waited ages for him. It's nice that you managed to get him, as it'd be a shame to not do so after all that time waiting. And thank you! She definitely is lovely, and is now a staple of my main dragon team. Your Ike is definitely cool too, and I hope he serves you well in future battles! I can always admire people that are willing to give Eliwood the time of day. I feel like he deserves more love, and I'm certainly glad that you're willing to even give Distant Counter to him! And yeah, his high Res does make him very good at tanking mages, so it's actually not a bad idea all things considered. Either way, I hope you get either Azura or Ninian. 5% is not bad at all, so here's me praying for your fortunate pulls! Have a goodnight!
  13. Anyone you're hoping for in particular? Meanwhile I got Azura and Hector. Azura is +Spd/-Res which is simply amazing. Shame that I'm kind of set on using Ninian, but I'll take it. Hector was +Hp/-Atk, but hey, it's Hector. Free Distant Counter fodder in worst case, which isn't too shabby.
  14. Congrats! It seems like your belief paid off in the end. I had the same feeling when I got a last minute Ninian during the final hour of her banner. Didn't have an increased chance but just went yolo with 20 orbs. So yeah, I can imagine the feeling definitely.
  15. I can confirm. It's a pretty popular derogatory term used in certain SEA countries when talking about Japanese people. Especially popular among the younger folks within informal settings.
  16. Only 29 pulls on this unbelievably good banner? Are we sure you're Ice Dragon!? But seriously speaking, oh lords. Your defense team is probably going to be looking even more scary now.
  17. Considering her movement, two-tile attack range and the fact she hits twice, that's seriously scary... Thankfully she seems to be an easy kill on the offense, with that paper-thin defense of hers.
  18. I wonder what side @Arcanite will join. During Voting Gauntlets, he/she is like that one salesman that just tries so unbelievably hard to get you to buy their product. The cult-like dedication is almost admirable. It actually impressed me last time.
  19. I feel you. Maybe you want to consider raising the Askr trio to 4*? They seem to be consistent bonus heroes, so there's that going for them.
  20. I must mention that I'm getting an unusually small amount of defense wins this week too. Usually I'm filled with 10 people on Day 1, or at least close to it, but this season I've only had 2 for a while now, for whatever reason. Also that sounds just positively scary. Sure wouldn't want to run into that team! And yes your Ninian is so awe-inspiring that I'd probably feel pressured to bow before her if I ever ran into your team
  21. On that note, you can also request specific builds from me if you want. I have like, a boatload of skills on my Nowi. Not just from merging but from tons and tons of grinding. Feel free to ask for various Spur(s), Swordbreaker or Vantage, TA3 or Defiant Atk 3 etc... And I still have like 1000 SP left on her that I have no idea what to do with.
  22. Oh, cool. Glad I already have you on my friend's list. I hope my sparkly new 40+10 Nowi puts in work for you. Her worst threat is Julia, but that's only a problem if she's actually facing Team Julia! Being on Team Julia means she's safe. Probably. Either way, I'm glad to finally have some friends here that I can join the gauntlet with! It felt so lonely during the last two gauntlets.
  23. Please go with Team Julia. I want to be on the same team as you for once. But yeah, for once, I'm actually invested enough in a character that isn't the likely winner. I legitimately liked Lucina the first time around, while I joined Camilla in the second Voting Gauntlet because no one else interested me enough. But here, I can firmly say I'd want to support Julia regardless of whether or not she is likely to win the tournament. So I can probably start looking forward to my first Voting Gauntlet loss as I go down in flames. It feels so exciting! Also I'll probably jump ship to Male Robin if Julia dies before the final round. I'll only resort to Tharja if both of them happen to die before the final round.
  24. Thank you so much for the details! Also that seems really interesting. I'm glad they're finally doing something with those titles. It felt so weird that they almost didn't matter at all for the longest time. And I hope the orb rewards are substantial enough that it may even substitute the two daily orbs thing we've had for the longest time.
  25. English isn't technically my first language but it's easily my most dominant language at this point, and I'm so glad I'm not the only one having trouble understanding what the movie people are yapping about sometimes.
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