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  1. I doubt it, we will have to see how much is changed with Echoes but FE11 was relatively faithful to FE1 so thats a pretty good sign. I'm more concerned about censorship, FE4 had multiple story elements that could be considered controversial specifically incest and child sacrifices. With NoA's track record getting an English release without these elements either being toned down or removed entirely is low.
  2. I'm honestly quite surprised myself Roy placed so high. Smash obviously had big influence on Marth/Roy's popularity but even in Smash Marth was a superior character, even competitive tier lists reflect this. In my opinion Marth had a better looking design also. What really gets me though is I have a good feeling many Roy fans have never played Binding Blade, he is the definition of average. His character does absolutely nothing to standout and he is very average as a unit needing to be ferried around to seize frequently and his late promotion does him no favors. His only savior is the abundance of Manaketes in the final chapters and their weakness to the sword of seals. The other part that gets me is that Binding Blade has never received an official translation whereas FE1 has seen one in the form of FE11. FE11's lukewarm reception might have something to do with it.
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