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  1. Man... I've been away from these forums for awhile, and now that I'm back I'm rewarded with so much good news (specially on this front). You people rock! Thanks for the all the work, Aethin. I'll be playing this when I get the time.
  2. Is that reverse psychology or reverse reverse psychology?
  3. Oh my, it looks like the tables have turned, doesnt it Mr Bartozio? But I still want those next few multipliers, so when you wanna step up your game, I'm at the ready :D that's me pretending all's fine and cool while both of our overall ranks sink into the limbo of mediocrity
  4. That's actually footage from the Thracian peninsula, before the events circa Gran year 760. True story. Yet he's another noble bootlicker. I don't think anarco-sindicalistic autonomous villages are coming to fire emblem anywhere soon, unfortunately :) To be fair, me also likes Ike THAT'S IT! TIME TO CRUSH NOHRIANLOLI!! FLAGS AT THE READY... CHARGE!!!
  5. I've been looking at the points growth for a while (like, 8 hours or so) and if it keeps up the pace, there won't be another multiplier coming. I don't think Lissa can make it, so I'd actually tell you to save your flags for the last round, but if you really wanna fight it up to the last minute, then spending would be your best bet. To tell you the truth, I remember Priscilla much more because of this video than her actual in-game persona. But really, mine is more of a case of troubadour preference than anything else I was teamclarine from the start, but hush, don't tell anyone
  6. I wanna answer that, but would trust me? :) It would. The rules have been set from the start, finding the best strategy is up for the player base :)
  7. While we are at it, your dear Ravish really really needs someone with a Blue-type leader on team Priscilla, or he won't be able to get those very needed 200 flags to spend at the last minute. If anyone would be kind enough to add me, my code is in the signature. Yeah, my name's still Kiran. Yeah, I'll get rid of it soon.
  8. I think It got to the point where it fits the universe, right? I'm still using our plain looking lord as my badge, though. and then you realize, we, the brown hairs, are mostly enemies Rhys! How could you forget Rhys? The orange head healer, of all of them! gods, I'm already looking like a healer maniac
  9. Oh, I always looked at it as kind of grayish, but you're right, I never noticed. I just fact-checked my comment, in fact. Besides Moulder, there's the forementioned Azama, Elen, and also a couple of vanilla looking substitutes from fe4. I guess we're saved then! wouldstillvoteformoulder
  10. I agree for the most part. The only thing that matters in the first 24h is that, if the multiplier bounces too much between both teams, making their points sky high, we'll probably get less multipliers in the second day, when the multiplier is higher. It also gets harder for the losing team to catch up, since they can't take over their oponent in a single hour anymore. I'm kinda curious if the optimal choice for the losing side of the gauntlet (by number of supporters) wouldn't be for everyone not to spend single flag in the first day and get behind a lot, ensuring many multipliers in the last 24 hours. That moment when you realize, as a brown haired person, that the only brown haired healer in the franchise might be... Moulder.
  11. Oh, yeah, it's just that The_antithesis mentioned Priscilla having more supporters than Lissa. And I never even considered this a possibility. Really? That's amazing! This boucing multiplier sure make those things harder to predict ;)
  12. Wait what? Priscilla is actually winning? Is awakening beatable?!
  13. Only Serra could make me betray team troubadour. So, in the finals, Elise it is.
  14. Is it Siggy? Tell me it's Siggy! Or are we talking about the leaked summer banner?
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