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  1. This is a 10-minute video I made about what I want in Fire emblem Three Houses, enjoy 🙂 also, I know literally nothing about the game and have avoided as many spoilers as I can
  2. Hey, I would like to know the best units and what units to stay away from in Fire Emblem Conquest. Just leave your opinions and all your answers are appreciated.
  3. I have only played Birthright but I am getting the others soon, First Conquest then Revelations.
  4. We all have one, whether it was your first or just your favorite. This is only main series games and you can pick multiple ones if you can't decide.y
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes is definitely missing some path of Radiance/Radiant dawn characters.
  6. Hey, I started playing fire emblem on my laptop and I was hoping for some tips for a fan who has only played Fates and awakening. PS: WHEN DOES LYN'S STORY END?
  7. Hope you enjoy your time at the forest.
  8. I am sorry, I did actually put Cherche but something must have happened, she was above Lucina. No idea what happened.
  9. Who is/are your Waifu(s) and Husbando(s), This list is full of all playable units, Even Aversa, Walhart and Children except Morgan. I Wonder what the results would be?
  10. Hey guys, My username is FleetofFeet, but call me Fleet, I am a big fan of Fire emblem, although quite recent.

    My First Fire emblem was Awakening, but Fates: Birthright is my favorite because it was my most recent complete playthrough and I really liked the characters. I am trying to play other FE games like Mystery of the Emblem as well as the other paths for FE Fates. I will be posting forums and interesting topics.

    See you soon.


  11. oh... oh well she is just evil, that simple.
  12. I think it is because her own world is destroyed and she invades other worlds to distract the summoner and his teammates while she attacks the Askr kingdom trying to claim as her new home because it is all she wants. She goes after it several times plus the mystery man must be the order of heroes' lost friend.
  13. I am sorry for only letting people pick one but you can put your choices in the replies.
  14. Which is your waifu and husbando, not including children.
  15. I chose Hoshido from the day it was revealed based on the characters and backstory. I chose Hoshido.
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