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  1. Hello, new here. Having a problem in the process of installing undub. 11.2.0-35U N3DS XL using soundhax, trying to mod a digital version of Birthright (with all paths installed). Whenever I use braindump, it gets to the end and completes it (shows large number/the same large number KiB) and then it says "Failure during dumping, Output data is incomplete!" It still puts the completed .cxi file and I extract it via ctrtool into a romf and exef. Using romf extractor, I make it into the romf_ folder and put the files in, then build it using romf builder. Renamed it 00179400.romfs for Birthright, put it in the root hans folder and tried to run it on the 3DS. Changed settings to run romfs, then hit OK. It does some stuff and then hans says "prepared to run loader" and then boots me back to the homebrew menu. Attempting to do this again right after it boots back into homebrew results in a freeze. I tried redoing the entire process (still gives "Failure during dumping" message), restarting the 3DS and running hans again, deleting my fates saves and running hans with it (of course I have a backup), but nothing worked. Can anyone help me here? I just want my Japanese voices, man (and gay fates hack later). If this info helps, I have like 16 gb left on my SD card, a whole bunch of games are also installed on my SD card. The only other thing in my hans folder is a code for sun and moon. All of the modding (aside from braindump) was done on my computer and not via the microSD manager function.
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