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  1. Well it sounds cool. Tell me when you've got sign ups going
  2. If Things Were Different (Good) (Currently names and in development): A New Purpose - Brenya Prince Against an Empire - Orion Dragon Reborn - Morva Fang's Betrayer - Linus
  3. Unless they keep pumping out remakes and new games, I don't think this'll last 6 years.
  4. Well I can finally pull for Grima or Surtr. Glad I already have Hardin.
  5. Liberators Of Jugdral, Part One: Alteena (Flying Lance) Lana (Infantry Healer) Ced (Green Tome Infantry) Shannan (Sword Infantry) GHB 1 Reward: Travant (Flying Lance) GHB 2 Reward: Tine (Blue Mage) TT Reward: Arion (Flying Lance) Part Two: Faval (Infantry Bow) Patty (Infantry Sword) Johan (Infantry Axe) Hannibal (Armored Lance) GHB 1 Reward: Brian (Infantry Axe) GHB 2 Reward: Delmud (Calvary Sword) TT Reward: Corpul (Infantry Healer)
  6. Name: Aleister Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5'6 General appearance: (see PFP) Class: Mercenary Armour: Leather Weapons: Iron Sword, Hand Axe Potions and staves: 1 Vulnerary Miscellaneous: Pursuit Ring Personality: Aleister is a young, shy sword for hire, who's really gentle to the touch. As soft as he may seem, he's willing to fight and protect dear friends and stand up for what's right... even if it meant turning against employers or anyone who he might call family. Backstory: Aleister wasn't born in Serall, but he grew up there alone most of his life, and has had to rely on an excess of hard work to get food. Opportunity opened up when he heard enlistments were happening for the army, which he signed for. About 4 months into it, he doesn't see the point for the fighting, and soon runs off. From there he went to perfect his craft and become a sword for hire, which lead him to Thyr. Allegiance: Thyr (formerly Serall) Relations: Currently none Boon: He's headstrong and confident in battle Bane: He's bad at making conversation Sexuality: Bisexual
  7. Dragons! Guardian of the Scion - Bantu An elder, gentle dragon, who was asked by Gotoh to protect the young Tiki. Appears in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Red Infantry Manakete Stats HP: 38 Atk: 37 Spd: 21 Def: 34 Res: 26 Weapon: Dragon's Fire (Mt 16., Effective against Dragon and Armored units. If unit HP is less than or equal to 75%, grant Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 and unit can make a follow up attack if attacked. If foe's Range = 2, calculate damage using lower of foe's Def or Res.) Special: Dragon Fang A Skill: Alliance 3 (Grant Atk/Spd/Def/Res boosted by number of adjacent allies x 2) C Skill: Joint Fortify Dragons (Grant adjacent Dragon units Def/Res+8 through their next actions at start of each turn) Young Dragon Prince - Kurthnaga Softspoken Prince of Goldoa and Dheginsea's youngest child. Despite young appearance, he's over 100 years old. Appears in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Blue Flying Laguz Stats HP: 42 Atk: 35 Spd: 26 Def: 33 Res: 30 Weapon: Black Breath (Mt. 16, If unit's HP is less than or equal to 70%, grant Atk/Def+8 during combat. If foe's range = 2, Calculate damage using lower of foe's Def or Res.) Special: Astra A Skill: Death Blow 3 B Skill: Nihil 3 (If unit's HP is less than or equal to 60% and initiates combat, enemy is inflicted with special cooldown charge-1.) C Skill: Celerity 3 (if unit is adjacent to two or more allies, grant movement +1 at beginning of turn) Piper of Destiny - Nils A kind and selfless bard who's got a heart of gold. Ninian's brother. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Green Infantry Dragon Stats HP: 39 Atk: 32 Spd: 26 Def: 30 Res: 24 Weapon: Ice Breath+ (Mt. 14, If unit is adjacent to Dragon, Laguz, Sword, or Axe user, grant Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 During combat. If foe's range = 2, calculate damage using lower of foe's Def or Res.) Assist Skill: Perform (Grants another action to target) A Skill: Def/Res Bond 3 B Skill: Fireflood Dance 2 C Skill: Goad Dragons Astral Dragon - Lilith Corrin's attendant, with the ability to turn into a dragon. A caring and selfless girl. Appears in Fire Emblem: Fates. HP: 36 Atk: 34 Spd: 24 Def: 27 Res: 32 Weapon: Shining Breath+ (Mt. 14, Grants Res+5, inflicts Atk-3. If foe's range = 2, Calculate damage using lower of foe's Def or Res.) Assist: Rally Up Spd+ Special: Iceberg A Skill: Power Flow 3 (If unit is adjacent to Sword, Axe, Lance, Dragon or Laguz ally, calculate combat using lower of foe's Def or Res. Only usable by Magic, Dragon, and Beast units.) C Skill: Atk Ploy 3.
  8. To be honest, I would pull for the other units if IS never made the Duel skills a must for good arena scores. Plus, Veronica's weapon is pretty good. We need more bow fliers in my personal opinion, and not just seasonal bows. Palla COULD be useful, especially with that Disarm Trap skill. Bruno and Marisa are just passable. If Seasonal units ever got demotes, they'd HAVE to be on there.
  9. Nergal - Dark Druid Red Tome Infantry Grand Hero Battle Quote: “Be prepared. You are to be witness to a power that overwhelms all!” Summon Quote: "I am the Dark Druid, Nergal. Be honored, for my power will be used for what you see fit." Death Quote: "Why must I lose...?" Stats: HP: 33 Atk: 34 Spd: 24 Def: 18 Res: 35 Weapon: Ereshkigal (Mt. 14, If units special is ready, grant Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 and can counterattack regardless of foes range.) Special: Glacies A Skill: Atk/Res Solo (5* Locked) C Skill: Res Smoke (4* Locked)
  10. Lord: Sigurd Avatar: Kris Villager/Trainee/Noble: Gray Cavalier: Abel Knight Arden Myrmidon/Samurai: Joshua Mercenary: Gregor Fighter/Oni Savage: Dorcas Pirate/Bandit: Geese Soldier/Spear Fighter: Nephenee Archer (also includes Ballistician and Apothecary): Leon Nomad/Bow Knight: Mage/Diviner: Lewyn Dark Mage/Shaman: Knoll Monk: Lucius Priest/Cleric: Genny Troubador: Ethlyn Thief (includes rogues, ninjas, butlers, and maids): Matthew Pegasus Knight: Caeda Wyvern Rider: Altena Manakete (also includes Xane): Myrrh Beast/Laguz (Royal): Nailah Beast/Laguz (Non-Royal): Ranulf Dancer (includes Bards, Singers, and Herons): Nils
  11. Ethlyn is a pure angel with good boy and loving husband Quan
  12. I'd like to see Corrin as a secret boss or something.
  13. I don't mind the title of the eighth generation, so long as the game is good and we get our gen 4 remake. Funny how it worked with Gen 6, waited for a year to release ORAS. Maybe we'll get the same thing with Diamond and Pearl (with Platinum somehow being written into it. Maybe a post game)
  14. Whether you've been a long-time anime fan, or are just beginning to find interest in it, you're most likely to find one or more Shonen Jump shows interesting, whether its Dragon Ball, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Boku no Hero Academia, or today's topic - Yu Yu Hakusho. Yu Yu Hakusho tells the story of 14-Year-Old Sarayashiki Junior High School Student Yusuke Urameshi, a stereotypical trouble-making boy who dies within the first few minutes of the show's first episode (I do not kid around when I say this, either, he really does) after pushing a child out of the way of an oncoming car. We get our first of many flashbacks as to what happened hours or so earlier, where he shows up to school after missing ten days prior to these events. As the typical bad student, he's seen skipping on the rooftop of the school, only to have been caught by childhood friend and fellow classmate Keiko Yukimura, who lectures him about skipping - only to find him staring at her panties thereafter, and smacking him as a result. He's later kicked out for what a teacher saw as mugging another student when it was just him trying to get some facts cleared out from another student, who claimed that it was Urameshi's wallet that he stole. As he's leaving, he's met by Takenaka Sensei, who attempts to help him, but to no avail. Yusuke returns home, only to be belittled by his mother, Atsuko, and thus leaves to town as as result. Here, we meet one of my personal favorite characters, Kazuma Kuwabara, who challenges him to a fight, only to lose. As Yusuke continues on into the city, the child I mentioned earlier is seen playing around the road.. In an attempt to keep him away, he entertains the child by doing funny faces. The kid wanders into the street and is almost ran over before Yusuke pushes him out of the way, thus dying as a result of the car hitting him. After this flashback, he's met by Botan, a cheerful, young woman who so happens to be a grim reaper for the Spirit Realm. She informs him that the boy was supposed to survive without scratch (for whatever reason, it's never brought up again,) and that Yusuke's interference wasn't needed. She explains that they have no place for him in the Spirit Realm, but are amazed that he saved the boy's life, even with his bad attitude record. He's given the chance to return to life, but declines, thinking things would be better off if he remained dead. During his wake, his mother has lost sense and has become distraught, as is Keiko, Kuwabara is angry that they couldn't finish their battle, Takenaka pays respects and says that Yusuke could have been a better person, and the child who was saved by Yusuke, along with his mother, asks if he could play with him again someday. Stunned and saddened, Yusuke changes his mind. In the Spirit Realm, Yusuke's given an egg of a Spirit Beast by acting lord of the Spirit Realm, Koenma Jr., which will help him get back to life as long as he does things as a genuinely good person, otherwise, the Spirit Beast will become evil and devour him. In this adaptation, he only accomplishes two good things, different from the manga, where he helps a boy get over his dog's death, helps a girl get over her obsession of a boy so she can move on, and helps someone follow their dream of becoming a boxer. But since we're speaking about the anime, Yusuke helps Kuwabara by helping to keep one of his friend's job, and saves the life of Keiko who attempts to save his body. He throws the egg in which contained the Spirit Beast I mentioned earlier, which results in saving Keiko, and the egg (presumably) breaking. However, Koenma, seeing how Yusuke acted in order to save his childhood friend, decides to help him return to life. In a later episode, his body begins to glow as it means he's going to come back, and with Keiko kissing him on the lips (as weird as it sounds), he's revived before the time limit is reached (and thankfully he doesn't have to wait another 50 years to get revived). Sometime after his resurrection, he runs into someone possessed by a demon (who, for plot reasons, stole Kuwabara's cat), in which he captures. Botan was observing him, as orders from Koenma, to see if he would be qualified for a Spirit Detective job, and the story goes from there. YYH is 112 episodes long, with the longest arc being the Shadow Tournament Arc. The shortest arc is actually the first one, the Artifact Recovery arc, which introduces us to the other two protagonists, Kurama, a red-haired Junior High student who steals one of the artifacts to save his human mother's life, and Hiei, a male demon born in the Land of Glaciers, who planned to turn others into demons, starting with Keiko. Each episode spans for about 20 minutes each, and can eat up a lot of free time. However, if you REALLY want to get into this, go for it. I feel as if its an underappreciated gem that has a compelling story and knows how to build characters. I say it's a must watch. And plus, the theme song is really amazing (the Japanese version, in my opinion). Seriously, listen to it. Have any opinions? Know anything else that I should watch? Let me know, and I'll take it into consideration. Thank you.
  15. I've chosen Seliph, Alm and Kris (Male).
  16. Naesala was actually pretty hard at first, but I managed the Lunatic difficulty. I might or might not try an infernal difficulty run.
  17. I spent my time practicing w/ the writing. Though I might not be around too often to reply, I'll do my best to keep magic under the limit.
  18. Name: Zane Strife Relation: Cloud Strife (Father), Tifa Lockheart (Mother) Gender: Male Appearance: He stands around 5'6, weighs 165 LBS, and has a toned, slim body - though lacking muscles. He inherits his mothers dark colored hair while keeping it relatively short like his father. Also like Cloud, Zane has blue eyes. He's usually seen wearing a camo vest with a dark blue shirt which has arm sleeves that go to the elbow, as well as black jeans and army based boots and gloves. Personality: While he's naturally a supportive, optimistic and motivated fighter, Zane admits to not having a lot of courage against the unknown and often looks for alternatives to fighting. Like limits, this pacifistic way of thinking is usually pushed, and thus, can lead to him or others getting hurt because he tosses everything else aside to defeat the opponent. While not on the battlefield, he does his best to help his friends, whether its giving them moral support and advice, cooking for them, or even as far as nursing them if they were badly wounded. Weapons/Gear/Abilities: Like his parents, Zane has the Limit Break ability, which he saves for desperate times. He also can use magic via Materia, like Cure, Aero, Ice, so on. Zane chooses to use a gauntlet as his weapon, which he claims "Is faster than throwing a punch, and more effective than a swung sword."
  19. I totally agree. Matt Mercer, Peter Dinklage, Andrew Chandler, just to list some of these cool people
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