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  1. Since I can respond now, can I get it on Hinata, Sakura, Kagero, Hinoka, Kaze, Elise, Odin, Effie, Beruka and Selena? I know this is a lot, so if I had to choose one I'd choose Sakura. Btw do you happen to have anyone with Future Sight?
  2. You sir have swayed me to the other side. Agalli and Nilou are quite potent now that I can really think about it. I was just worried of change and all. The GBA games are my favorite fe games so I just kinda got all adamant there. Thanks for helping me see your side to the point of agreeing with you. Thanks. :)
  3. You put a very convincing arguement but my main concern is alienating the old fire emblem players. Most of the new classes have had a similar equivalent in past FE games. Vigilante is basically the main sword using Lord of the game. Puppy is simmilar to the Taugel or other shapeshifting classes that only have one main weapon. The Jester is essentially the Grandmaster of the game, by using a physical and magical attack. Malcom's class is basically a Kinshi Knight without lances. Dispite all this the one class with the biggest change is a pre-existing class, the priest. I'm 99% sure there hasn't been a base class that could heal and attack in the history of fire emblem. The only exeption is Jakob and Felicia (which technecally isn't true since Troubadour promotes to maid/butler and both Jakob and Felicia have low stats for a promote and can go to level 40 instead of 20) . However what sets Rallel apart is that he can do both well. What makes it fair for Felicia and Jakob is their Str/Mag split. Felicia has good Mag making her a good healer but her bad Str makes her a bad dagger user, and Jakob is the opposite. But both Light Magic and Staves are magic based, now THATS unfair. You explained how that's fair for Sadaati, but what about Agali or Nilou? I'm not saying Ghast shouldn't try new things, I actually really like he is. But it shouldn't be in ways that would alienate players or hinder their enjoyment.
  4. Thanks! I'll get back to you when I get out of school. And sorry for taking two whole days before responding. Btw, do you happen to have future sight on anybody? :>
  5. It's true that it's his hack but if he wants feedback, I'm giving feedback. I just want his hack to make his hack appeal to as many people as possible, and I'm a person. If I'm the minority so be it, I'm just offering my opinion. I really like this hack and I want it to be amazing. So I'm just a little worried on what it becomes. :/
  6. Does anybody have future sight/nobility for any characters? Anybody would be fine really.
  7. How is Sadaati even supposed to utilize her defenses if she can't even initiate combat? She needs to promote just to do what Rallel can already, and by then Rallel can already do that better. It's not fair. :(
  8. Well i feel that a base class being able to use staves+another weapon is kinda dumb. I recommend changing that. I always liked to have both my mounted and unmounted healers. Btw, what would Rallel even promote into if he can already do what a bishop does?
  9. Though it's not a problem mechanically, how come Rallel can use both light magic and staves at a base class (priest)? It's not fair for Nilou, Sadaati, and Agalli who need to promote to do that, especially for Sadaati, who can't attack at all in her base class, being completely over shadowed by Rallel. Is this just something you did for the time being to save time on assets until you can get back to it and fix it or is this a change you wish to implement? Please reply.
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