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  1. Thanks, Prime. But I still don't quite understand what I should be doing. I use Nightmare to make Seth a Merc. Then I use BPA to tell the game 'use THIS sprite for him when he's THIS class', but how do I get the actual Mercenary sprite to be different? Of course I want it to be blue 'your team' colored body, but with Seth's magnificent red hair. His original paladin sprite pallet didn't have his hair showing I believe, he had on a helmet the same color as his armor? So how do I fix that. I don't want to adding him his default pallet, and his head be blue!
  2. So I'm brand spankity new and hacking and modding and such. I wanted to replay Stones but with a few changes. I got spoiled after played Awakening and Fates, being able to make any character be any class and all. When I went back to the GBA games, I wanted to change a few units to stuff they usually can't me. Basically, all I want to do is change promoted units to be unpromoted. And change the actually class of two or three units. Like making Seth a Mercenary instead of a Paladin. That much I can do. But when I go in game, sure enough he's a Merc, but his color pallet is wired. He has the usually 'good guy' blue body, but his hair is green. When prompted to Hero, he still has his blue clothes, but brown hair. Wtf? I've downloaded APE and watched several YouTube videos on it, but I'm still confused. Basically, how can I reclass character and they still have their normal colors? I bet it's super easy, I'm just overlooking something. Thanks in advance, guys!
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