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  1. Sorry for the late reply kinda took a break from FE for a while ;w; I will get to work on that, problem is I did these so long ago and I do not remember HOW I got these all done. But I'll figure it out and try to update it by the end of today lol.
  2. IDK if I already said this here or someone else has brought it up but the Sage and Druid Critical animations are lacking soud effects, adn to my knowledge so is elfin's IDK if there is a thing I have to do to fix this but It's just somethign that riles up my ocd and I thought I should mention it here =/
  3. Well, It should be included in the Normal FE Recolor, Its not labeled Shaman for whatever reason Same with the Druid, Cavalier and Armor Knight. I believe it is labeled Sorcerer If you still cant find it I suggest trying to redownload it.
  4. The Armor Knight Sprite is included with FE Recolor, and it works for all 3 GBA games, it's labelled Lieutenant though, if that's what your asking for. Also, Thanks for letting me know about the Ranger sprite, I'll get to work on that right away Edit: I've triple checked, and the Ranger sprite seems to be working perfectly. You must've accidentally messed up the palette order, that's the only explanation I can think of why its not working for you.
  5. So, If you don't know what FE Recolor is,1) Why are you here, and 2) It is a program made by BwdYeti. (Link Right here) It's a very cool program that lets you recolor sprites from the GBA era of Fire Emblem. However, it is missing a lot of sprites, and while the Pirate one is easy to find, the rest, like the FE6 exclusive Sprites and ESPECIALLY the monsters from FE8, are really hard to find, to the point where through all my digging, I could only scrape up a tutorial on how to make sprites compatible. So I made pretty much all the sprites I could, and they're all here: Missing Sprites Here, Ta Daaaaaa These include all the Monster sprites, Most, if not all FE6 Exclusive Sprites, and some missing sprites from FE7. I also did some work on some already existing Sprites, so that it shows more versions that use it's palette. For Example, the Female Druid sprite uses the same Palette as the Male Druid, however the original FE Recolor Sprite image only showed the male, so I put in the female. I marked the ones I worked on under revised so that you don't have to change anything, its just so that you can see it for an example. Directions Step 1: Extract all to a safe Location where it wont cause any hassle for you Step 2: Go into Missing Sprites>Sprites and Copy all the Pictures there into FE Recolor>sprites>battle_sprites Step 3: Go into Missing Sprites>Data and Copy all the .dat files into FE Recolor>data>sprites, This makes it so that you don't have to manually re position all the Palette indexes. For the Revised Sprites: Same steps as 2 and 3 except be sure to delete/move the previous .png and .dat files before adding them. UPDATE I've added The FE7 Female Thief Sprite, It could be the FE6 Sprite, but It was just easier to make an all new one. -Added Berserker (Hawkeye) and a Lucius Sprite on the Bishop image. Notes So I have tested all the sprites I could with BS Palette assembler, however, I could not test the Monster sprites, Zephiel's sprite, or the Manakete-transformed sprites. Please tell me if they don't work too well in-game and please provide screenshots. Also make sure its correct on your end. Also, If I missed any sprites, please tell me, as I'll make it and add it on. Thank you in advance! And I hope I was of help.
  6. Lopo

    FE Recolor

    Is there any functionality with FE6? I want to be able to edit my randomized sprites for that game but I cant find any sprite sheets in the image library that comes with FE Recolor
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