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  1. @eclipse sorry, I thought I had posted on General FE.. my bad. @Ycine thanks for the tip. I really wasn't paying much attention to maxed stats. @Avestus and @eclipse I meant 18~19 unpromoted, with some being promoted but on really low levels. Looking at my team in blazing sword, I only work with 12 units, including the lords. Maybe in another playthrough I can level up them better, thanks a bunch guys!
  2. Yo dudes and dudettes! So I've played a couple fire emblem games (shadow dragon and blazing sword) and I can't really get along with something.. Basically in every game what I did was decide which units I wanted to train and basically ignored all others. I choose to level them up to lv. 20 before promoting them, but what happened is that in the end of the game they all were mostly lv 18 or 19 and only a couple had been promoted, and didn't even get to level up. So yeah, I loved both games, but before moving on the next title I wanted to ask you guys, is this really it? I feel as if I'm not getting the most out of my units.. is there some sort of strategy to make them more powerfull or something? What use is there in pushing them to lv 20 before promoting if you're not gonna enjoy them once promoted? Any tips are really welcome. Thanks a bunch!
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