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  1. I specifically said shoehorning a character design into making them gay for the sake of it, is not good character design. because at that point if a character is already finished, its kinda hard to add a nuance like that and it be good aka make sense. Lets say Reinhardt is a finished character (which he is). Lets make him gay. Does that work without having to change most of his character? Maybe if you make him bi, but even then it FEELS like pandering, which to me, doesn't make sense. It's a way to ruin a character for the sake of diversity. Sure people can be closet gay and show none of that, but does that even appeal or appease what people want in this? No, not really. But it's realistic, which is what you're speaking to. People don't want realistic gay characters, they want compelling gay characters. (atleast from what im gathering because they don't like the amount of options, or the options in general)
  2. Sure, people aren't gay for any special reason, but these aren't real people. They're fictional, and it doesn't have to be different in fiction. But that's completely up to who creates and releases said character. If they made a fire emblem where everyone was gay, but the story/characters were good it'd be fine. I'm not saying i'd be overjoyed to jump into that game because I can't identify with any of it, but if it's a solid game I'd play it. If you're going to chop one sentence out of the point it's not going to make sense. Soleil doesn't make sense, shes not a believable gay character (not even a believable bi character). People were understandably outraged. Claude makes sense. But he's not even an option.
  3. Because the same reason people were outraged at soleil's shoehorn, they'll be outraged by x characters gay shoehorn. making a character gay for the sake of it, isn't good character design imo. Just because they do the opposite to gay characters and make them straight doesn't make it right lol. That's not a valid point Well it'll come eventually im sure, they're forcing diversity in many forms of media already. Netflix Witcher series is an example, Triss a red-headed white girl has turned into a black girl, and based on what we know. They specifically cast people based on the color of their skin, because muh diversity. I'm not arguing there shouldn't be diversity, but forcing it isn't the right way to go about it. Make interesting characters that are gay, is that hard? And to the point that directors change stuff like that, that sucks but? that's life. Plenty of things are ruined by people up top. I guess lol, Nintendo isn't going to pay attention to anything from this tbh. probably a better way to go around it, Yes and no, but you're directly countering yourself here. because like in your previous argument those same higher ups directly cancelled some gayness. In a vacuum, games are meant to be enjoyed and played. Its not going to be enjoyed by everyone, and trying to force diversity or gender inclusion or whatever the fuck. isn't going to magically create better characters. There has to be something to it in the first place. Now if something comes out and like 4 gay characters were cx'd because of some director or whatever, im on your side. But, i don't see that. What i see is people saying, they gave us gay options, but not enough. WELL that sucks, but is what it is. Games aren't reality, and even if they were trying to be realistic.. they still are really because being gay or openly gay isn't the norm. Overall I'm not saying there shouldn't be more gay options, I'm saying it needs to make sense. Otherwise we're just gonna get shit like fates and soleil. This game actually has fairly well written characters and story for once. I'd rather them stick to that
  4. I mean, i get the whole representation thing, but would you really want them to shoehorn character designs into being gay just for the sake of it? equality or not, video games are a medium. And it's up to the artists, game designers and character designers to make characters how they want. Just because you want more gay pairings doesn't mean demanding them will get you anywhere. The game designers don't really care about equality, they make stuff that appeals to an audience for sure, but it's still very much their canvas. Demanding they use a different paintbrush isn't going to make a better product. That's not how creativity works
  5. yeah probably. overtime it will become clear. im just saying i've played FE7 for many many years and i haven't whiffed consistent 90%s in a row. and i've already done that in this game. My felix missed 2 92%s on lonato and almost got himself killed. and ive only played this game a limited amount of time. now sure, that could never happen again. but the fact that its already happened on top of other goofy rng like enemy critting all the time at low % has me guessing its the other way around.
  6. Its definitely 1RN rng. it's been trolling me. i've seen a couple crits on the enemy side. they almost rival my amount of crits lol
  7. yeah they did this for fates and for shadows of valentia on me. I preordered 3H on gamestop then cancelled it a week later because i actually thought about it. Got mine from target with no issues. i would check them out
  8. Lord dedue is an immovable wall of justice. literally just walk somewhere and wait, ill wait for someone who can hurt him (besides mages they don't count)
  9. hmmmmm petra or leonie for first BL playthrough... both exactly what i want in my army. danggg tough decisions!
  10. She's old enough to be perfectly up my alley... *ahem* my player avatar's alley
  11. Well i may start on Hard mode just because if normal lets you grind stuff I'm going to do it because i love grinding. Which will make normal so frigging easy i feel like it will somehow cheapen the experience. So if hard doesn't have those extra options for experience and such I'll definitely do my first playthrough hard (and to unlock lunatic if it's not available off jumpstreet)
  12. Old enough to make romancing students awkward How old is Manuela? 😏
  13. I was definitely gonna be doing digital but target restocked the limited edition and I had to bite. Probably be getting it the 29th 😞 but I'm gonna have fun streaming my whole semi-blind playthrough. It's been a struggle not to watch stuff. But at this point it's way too much info so I've been just skimming through posts lol. No more YouTube videos
  14. Nah I hope I get to kill edelgard if i dont choose black eagles n stuff. Choices! Choices! Choices gotta matter folks otherwise what's the point?
  15. A Lion doesn't concern himself with the opinion of sheep
  16. Cuz he's a big boi and he needs 2. (im not fixing it now because it's funny)
  17. not surprising. Gamestop is garbage, ill keep checking around.
  18. Just whoever gets voted on here as generally the worst characters. ill be doing Eliwood hard (maybe lyn hard too if depending). I realize hector is the harder of 2 modes but I havent done eliwood hard in a really long time.
  19. wait gamestop is cancelling preorders? heck they did that to be for SoV too.... they better not pull that bs again T_T
  20. As that title states i was thinking about doing a challenge run where i pick exclusively lowtier characters and do an Ironman with them (forgive me if this has been done before). I was probably going to start with FE7 as it's the one I'm most familiar with and it's easily stream-able. Only problem is I don't know what characters are actually considered the worst. Given that you guys here at Serenes Forest are fairly decent when it comes to these things, can we get some voting on whose the top 10-15 worst characters? maybe 3 responses per person? I'll tally them up and start up a run, probably less than a week depending. Update: So from this consensus im getting: Wil Rebecca Nino Renault Lyn (but it's not unique) Louise Wallace squared Serra Dorcas and Bartre Matthew Update 3: Ok so minus Rath and Lucius (lucius himself seemed decent but i figured Erk is better purely because anima) So ill start this up this weekend probably friday or Saturday depending. I'm basically going to either not deploy whose not on the list or ill have them die a heroic death with no weapon in hand. Also going out of my way to try and make wallace is going to be fun. His join chapter is gonna be fun. Update 4: Now live! https://www.twitch.tv/tsakan2 Update 5: Matthew died on chapter 9 because he missed an 80+ something %. that's funny. RIP my thief for the run, gonna let him stay dead on eliwood mode
  21. blah these things sell out so quickly. it's depressing, i know there is going to be a bunch of scalpers with like 10 copies.
  22. Honestly im just going to actively avoid banging the students and try to have some sweet sweet workplace drama with that mage lady whose trying to show off. Though Jotaro girl is definitely getting special treatment for her classes. she's definitely going to pass all of her courses.
  23. 5 orbs in and i get a Libra. pull the rest of the orbs get nothing Still pretty good for only 20 orbs spent. -Spd +Hp... meh but considering he's most likely to be a 4* demote i decided to fodder my Roy that has DC and put it on him. I think he will be a good mixed tank with QR and i'll make him my merge project.
  24. i'm thinking about streaming the rest of the playthrough on twitch... thoughts? Probably gonna try to play fast and reckless to make it interesting, so it doesn't take forever. EDIT: Nvm probably not a good idea
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