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  1. New here as well - am looking to trade for any Effie and Hinoka cards, mainly, as well as the Fates royal family + children. I have a number of SRs as well as a signed Mitama card. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone - New to the forum, and I have a handful of questions. Since this is my first time trading/selling cards, I'm a little confused as to how it works - especially from my geographical location. So, first question: I live in Hong Kong, so will I have to pay shipping costs and not OP? I have a number of cipher cards that I recently acquired from my trip to Japan, and snagged a number of shiny duplicates/etc. I actually wasn't aware of the booster sets until I had splurged on a good 10 packs, so then that happened. So if I want to trade/sell some cards, do I accept payment in USD/or does OP convert it to HKD or vice versa - or does the forum use microtransaction only? If so, I'm out of luck since I'm a broke college student lol. Also - where do I go if I'm looking for a certain bunch of cards (Hinoka, Effie, etc)? Do I post a new reply in the Trading/Selling board? Sorry for the barrage of questions - thank you :)
  3. been there recently - they can be bought at most animate (アニメト) stores and a large department store named Bic Camera (ビックカメラ). They're 350 yen each for a pack which includes 10 cipher cards, not including tax.
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